To understand changing perspectives we must first look at change itself

To understand changing perspectives we must first look at change itself. Not all change is progress, whether it be large or small. People change over time, it maybe age, experience, understanding or maturity that causes this change. As people change so does their perspective, of others, of life or themselves. This is expressed through my chosen texts, Looking For Alibrandi, Bend it like Beckham and Sky high.
Bend it like Beckham follows the story of Jess Barah who lives in a traditional Indian family whose dream is to play soccer professionally, except Jess’s ambitions are supressed by her parents expectations of her living a traditional Indian life. As the film develops we learn Jess’s father’s past reflects his attitude – that is, due to their ethnic background, Jess will be an outcast. Just as Nonna Alibrandis’s past influences her attitudes.
It is only at the end of Bend it like Beckham that Jess’s father changes and allows her to play soccer. He changes his perspective to , that her happiness is more important, as the actor who played Jess’s father said “If you try – you risk failing, if you don’t – you ensure it”. This is the same sort of attitude that Jess’s father adopts. Jess’s parents change as they begin to understand her reasoning. This is the same with Josie as she changes her perspective of her Nonna when she starts to understand her Nonna’s past.

During the period of time we look at Josie she changes as she experiences situations, such as John Barton’s death. She is able to look at this and realise that not everything is as it seems from the outside. She recognises that money social standing may in fact not be, the be all and end all.
In sky high the young girl is looking back at her past and now she has changed over time. Swinging on the clothes line is no longer fun and exciting as she has experience life. Maturity means that she can’t be free as she once was as she comments “The earth spins below me. I am flying. This is similar to Jess in the film as she was once young and free to do as she pleased, but no she is tied down by her parents.
In Sky High the first 5 paragraphs talk about the childhood, then it suddenly jumps to the 6th where she talks of how she is older and has changed. This sudden jump shows the extreame change that although would have happened slowly over time, the realisation of the change was sudden. The 5 paragraphs build up this image in the readers mind, then in the last paragraph our perspective changes from a fairy tale like conquest of the clothes line to the harsh reality of the situation.
In Bend it like Beckham, we are given the picture of the traditional Indian lifestyle and ideals in Jess’s house. This is then compared to the modern outside world of soccer, where the gender roles and expectations are totally different. The use of juxtaposition shows the viewer just how traditional and perhaps even extreme parent views really are.
Jess in Bend it like Beckham has shown me that change doesn’t always happen easily. It was only due to herpersistance and extreme different attitudes compared to her parents that enabled Jess’s parents to change.
The film uses younger characters to show the changing gender roles in society. We can see that in soccer and Jess’s community the issue of gender changes to being less relevant. By using these younger characters, many people are able to relate to them, being young now or were once young. Looking For Alibrandi also uses this technique.
In the book we are told of everything through Josie. This enables us to experience change as Josie does. When we look at the start of the book and then the end, we can see a significant change, although following the book through we only see a gradual change. As the reader experiences change through Josie, they are able to relate to her.
Another technique that Looking For Alibrandi uses is that we aren’t told of Nonna’s past until late in the book. We are give Josie’s perspective, that her Nonna is just a ‘ vain old women ‘. This perspective is built up and then when Josie discovers her past we are suddenly exposed to a new perspective and new understanding.
Sky High has developed my understanding of change as it has shown how change can occur very suddenly. It has supplemented with Looking for Alibrandi in that time and experience lead to change. Sky High shows a negative type of change, as this girl is no longer able to let go and this has reinforced my understanding that not all change is progress.
Examining Looking for Alibrandi in this context has changed my perspective of the characters. It has shown me how change occurs through understanding, and understanding means we have knowledge, therefore the power or choice to change. Every one has the ability to change.


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