Three technical aspects of arson

Script 4 Reporter – In other news another arson fire. The fire was started in the early morning hours around 2 AM. The Fire Department has been dealing with a series of fires and can’t seem to find a suspect. This is the 10th fire in the last 2 months and this time the arsonists got a City Councilman’s house. We’ll have more on this breaking news in our 10 o’clock report. Fire Chief – We’ve got to talk. We’ve been under siege by a serial arsonist. It’s consumed valuable resources in the Fire Department and the city. This time the arsonist hit a City Councilman’s house! The newspapers and the reports on TV make it look as though we can’t to catch the one responsible for this! The day before yesterday, I had a meeting with the City Manager. He’s been directed by council to produce a report and a PowerPoint presentation to be delivered to them at their next community awareness meeting on the arsons. He’s asked for my help. I need good, concrete information on arsons. The information needs to cover the legal and social aspects of arson and why it’s been so difficult to catch the arsonists in general. The report should also include which standards or laws are currently being met by the fire department. This will help ensure that once caught, the arsonists will be brought to justice. The fire last night will only magnify this situation and right now we’re under the microscope. Assistant Chief – If we don’t get a handle on this we are all going to be looking for job s. The phones are ringing off the hook and all we can say is that it is under investigation. That line is not going to hold up much longer. We have pulled in all of the federal, state, and local help we can get but at the end of the day , the problem is s till ours . W e own it. We have got to edu cate our citizens on this issue and how we are handling it.

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Three technical aspects of arson
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