Threats and Hazards

Threats and HazardsTerrorist Incident Case Study Lessons learned from worldwide terrorist attacks such as Paris, Belgium, Mumbai, London, Nice, September 11, 2001, and Madrid continue to inform best practices in homeland security.Pick a terrorist incident from the below and write a case study about it. include a summary of the event, an analysis of any potential impact on homeland security after the incident, an overview of any risks that were revealed in the incident and explain how they may have been mitigated now and/or provide suggestions on how to mitigate those risks in the future through technology or other means. • Paris attack (11/13/15)• Belgium attack (3/29/16)• September 11, 2001 Attack (9/11/01)• Boston Marathon bombing (4/15/13)• London bombings (7/7/05)• Madrid Train Bombings (3/22/04)• Mumbai attacks ((11/26/08)• An attack or terrorist plot other than above may be utilized with approval of instructor. Assignment will be 800- 1000 words in length. All work should be in APA format with a 12 point font size and Times New Roman Font.MUST BE AT LEAST 820 WORDS.

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Threats and Hazards
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