This task is to be done in 2 parts, all sections to be done independently

Add additional insight opinions or challenge opinions and you can visit a couple of the web sites contributed and share your opinion of these sites.  Minimum of 150 words for each. 

1) SMS Phrases and Translations

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This task is to be done in 2 parts, all sections to be done independently
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1.    AAA: American Association Against Acronym Abuse

2.    ADIP: Another Day in Paradise

3.    ASAP: As Soon As Possible

4.    BPLM: Big Person Little Mind

5.    BUMP: Bring Up My Post

6.    BYOD: Bring Your Own Device

7.    CWOT: Complete Waste of Time

8.    DITTO: Same Here

9.    F2F: Face-to-Face

10. GOAT: Greatest of All Time

11. L8R: Later

12. NEET: Not Currently Engaged in Employment, Education, or Training

13. NP: No Problem

14. NSA: No Strings Attached

15. OMW: On My Way

16. PEBCAK: Problem Exists Between Chair and Keyboard

17. RU/30: Are you over 30?

18. WOMBAT: Waste of Money, Brains, and Time

19. WTMI: Way Too Much Information

20. YOLO: You Only Live Once

 Favorite 5

Short Message Service (SMS) is a method to using short messaging and communication on internet, cell phones, and other mobile devices (Costello, 2018). I rarely use shorthand SMS type language in conversation since I am not a big fan of texting. However, in reviewing the different choices out there for SMS Language, I would say that my favorites are ASAP, DITTO, GOAT, NEET, and PEBCAK. As a former military member, ASAP I used almost every day, so it is a phrase that certainly has its popularity. In the vent that I am talking to someone, such as a family member, to keep from saying I love you after they say it, I sometimes just say “ditto”. Most of the men in my family are not very emotional when it comes to words. As someone who used to be a Network Engineer and Administrator, I always used the term Problem Exists Between the Chair and Keyboard, however, this is the first time seeing this in an SMS language acronym. As far GOAT and NEET, I just believe they are an excellent play on words. I will have to use the NEET acronym on some of my younger mail cousins who always have excuses for sitting around their mom’s house doing nothing.

Do you use emoticons with your SMS texting? With emailing? What is emoticon for “confused”?

Respond here in 150 words:


Emoticons, which is the modern-day name for what was coined “emojis” are the graphical icons used to replace the original text-based smileys (Netlingo, n.d.). They are used in internet chat, email, and text messaging. I rarely do text messaging, but occasionally, I do use the smile and laugh emoticons I have not been known to use any of the others. As far as emails go, I am a bit of a hardcore professional guy, so most of my emails are official emails and I prefer to use full language when no other caveats. On occasion, if I am sending a personal email to someone, I may use a smile or laugh, as I do sometimes in text messaging. The emoticon for confused is “: S” or the following graphic:

2) SMS                            English translation                                                    Reference

TY                               Thank You                                                                   (NetLingo, 2018)

TXT                             Text                                                                                (NetLingo, 2018)

CU                              See You                                                                        (NetLingo, 2018)

LOL                            Laugh Out Loud                                                        (NetLingo, 2018)

ATM                           At The Moment                                                        (NetLingo, 2018)

EZ                               Easy                                                                                (NetLingo, 2018)

L8R                             Later                                                                              (NetLingo, 2018)

BTW                           By The Way                                                                (NetLingo, 2018)

GR8                            Great                                                                            (NetLingo, 2018)

BUMP                         Bring Up My Post                                                   (Ware, 2018)

BW                              Best Wishes                                                               (Ware, 2018)

CNP                            Continued in Next Post                                        (Ware, 2018)

COB                            Close Of Business                                                   (Ware, 2018)

DNC                           Does Not Compute                                                (Ware, 2018)

DND                           Do Not Disturb                                                          (Ware, 2018)

DND – NetLingo The Internet Dictionary: Online Dictionary of Computer an…Leading Internet dictionary defines thousands of online communication, technology and business terms 🙂 plus th…

DNPMPL                    Damn Near Pissed My Pants Laughing          (Ware, 2018)

GAFYK                      Get Away From Your Keyboard                         (Ware, 2018)

IMO                            In My Opinion                                                             (Ware, 2018)

BRB                            Be Right Back                                                              (Ware, 2018)

YTTWROOMM         You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth      (Ware, 2018)

Out of these 20, I use LOL, BRB, IMO, and BTW the most.  My favorite is DNPMPL, although I have never heard or used it. I also use OTW (On The Way) a lot, but incredibly I did not see it in either list, which is a testament to just how many SMS phrases exist!!

DNPMPL – NetLingo The Internet Dictionary: Online Dictionary of Computer…Leading Internet dictionary defines thousands of online communication, technology and business terms 🙂 plus th…

 I use emoticons with SMS texting on a regular basis.  I typically use the basics, such as smiley face, sad face, anger face, and tears.  I do not use them in email, because I view email as formal (mostly) and do not see the need.  I used to scoff at SMS, but over the years I have really seen its usefulness.  Instead of viewing GR8 as a lazy way to write “great”, I see the genius in shorthand communication, and have adopted it wholeheartedly.  My pet peave is to see SMS-type language in a formal document or drafted sentences (in email as well, for the most part).  There’s an time and place for SMS.

The confused emoticon is an :S with an rotated S-shaped mouth

Respond here in 150 words:

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