This question paper consists of FIVE QUESTIONS. Students must answer FOUR questions. Read the instructions for each question carefully.

1. This question paper consists of FIVE QUESTIONS. Students must answer FOURquestions. Read the instructions for each question carefully.
2. Write your answer in the area provided below the question paper.
3. Any reference material brought into the examination room must be handed to the invigilator before the start of the examination (In case of physical examination).
This question paper consists of 5 PAGE, excluding this page.


Snappy Frames makes digital viewers that it currently sells to retailers for MVR 25 each. Budgeted production for the forthcoming year is expected to be 200,000 viewers and the following data on costs is available.

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This question paper consists of FIVE QUESTIONS. Students must answer FOUR questions. Read the instructions for each question carefully.
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Production (units)Total
Costs (MVR)


1. Estimate the total fixed costs and variable cost per viewer for Snappy Frames

(6 marks)

2. Calculate the breakeven point in terms of units and sales revenue plus the margin of safety using budgeted production of 200,000 units and the current cost structure.

(7 marks)

3. In response to the recession the board of Snappy Frames is forced to reduce the selling price of a viewer by 20% to maintain its volume. The company is able to reduce its variable costs by 10% but the fixed costs were unchanged. Calculate the revised breakeven point and the margin of safety.

(6 marks)

4. Discuss the concept of contribution and how it is different to gross profit.

(3 marks)

5. Give examples of selling, distribution and/or administration costs which have both fixed and variable elements.

(3 marks)



Naheez set up his own business as a management consultant in January last year. He took out a bank loan for MVR50, 000, repayable in equal monthly installments over 5 years. He also negotiated an overdraft facility for MVR20, 000. He rents a small office in Male’ for MVR60,000 per year. He has installed computer equipment, telephones, furniture, and fittings at a total cost of MVR66,000, which he expects to renew after six years. By the end of December Naheez has billed clients for 1,250 client hours at a rate of MVR120 per client per hour. He keeps records of all his cash transaction and all his bills received and paid.

Details of these cash transactions for the first year are:

Cash MVR


Own money as capital 10,000

Receipts from clients 120,000

Bank Loan 50,000


Buying stationery and other sundry 10,300


Wages of full-time office assistant 15,000

Office fittings 66,000

Fuel and Heat 3,500

Rent 75,000

Loan repaid 10,000

Loan interest paid 3,000

Travel expenses 14,800

At the end of the year Naheez has only received three quarterly electricity bills, he expects the fourth to be approximately MVR1,200. He also had a closing Inventory of stationery of MVR2,000.


Produce Naheez’s Income Statement for the financial year ending 31 December.

[10 marks]

Produce Naheez’s Statement of Financial Position as at that date.

[10 marks]

Comment on the results you have produced, giving particular consideration to: How much do you suggest Naheez should take out of the business as his reward? Briefly assess the profitability and value of the business.

[5 marks]



The directors of Aik ltd are considering whether to accept one of the two mutually exclusive projects and, if so, which one to accept. Each project involves an immediate outlay of MVR250,000 and estimates of subsequent cash flows are as follows:

Project A Project B

Net cash inflow at the end of: MVR MVR

Year 1 100,000 30,000

Year 2 70,000 50,000

Year 3 70,000 70,000

Year 4 70,000 100,000

Year 5 30,000 150,000

Aik ltd cost of capital is 10%. The present values for MVR1 discontinued at 10% and 15% are:



  1. For each project calculate the following:
  1. The Payback Period (4 marks)
  2. The Net Present Value when discounted at 10% and 15% (10 marks)
  3. The Internal Rate of Return (5 marks)
  1. Evaluate the results you have obtained and recommend which project should be undertaken. Discuss what other factors should be taken into consideration. (6marks)



The summarised financial statements of Wulworths Plc, a major high street retailer, are reproduced below:

Statement of ComprehensiveIncome20202019
Cost of goods sold(2,045.8)L1,934.7)
Gross profit691.2696.0
Selling and marketing costs(571.6)(534.1)
Administrative expenses(125.1)(112.9)
Other operating income23.521.9
Operating profit18.070.9
Finance cost(14.5)(13.7)
Finance income3.84.3
Profit before taxation7.361.5
Profit for the year7.541.3
Statement of Financial Position
AssetsNon-current assets
as at 31 December20202019
Intangible assets110.195.7
Property, plant and equipment312.9297.2
Current assets
Trade and other receivables303.5212.6
Cash and cash equivalents28.4246.7
Current liabilities
Trade and other payables(517.9)(546.7)
Current tax liabilities(9.9)25.0)
Net current assets51.4133.2
Non-current liabilities
Financial liabilities
Net assets283.0302.6
Shareholders’ equity
Ordinary shares182.4182.1
Share premium31.733.5
Retained earnings68.987.0
Total equity283.0302.6
Cash Flow Statement20202019
MVRmCash flows from operating activities
Cash (utilised by)/generated from operations (39.6)129.5
Interest paid (12.6) –(10.5)
Interest received 2.54.5
Tax paid (13.4)(16.6)
Net cash (utilised by)/generated from operating activities (63.1)106.9
Cash flows from investing activities
Acquisition of subsidiaries (net of cash acquired)(63.0)
Purchase of intangible assets(7.3)(10.6)
Purchase of property, plant and equipment(71.9)(46.0)
Net cash used in investing activities(142.2)(56.6)
Cash flows from financing activities
Net proceeds from issue of ordinary shares0.75.5
Proceeds from bank borrowings11.9
Dividends paid to Company’s shareholders(25.6)(24.3)
Net cash used in financing activities(13.0)(18.8)
Net (decrease)/increase in cash and cash equivalents(218.3)31.5
Cash and cash equivalents at beginning of the year246.7215.2
Cash and cash equivalents at end of the year28.4246.7

Comment on the performance of Wulworths Plc in 2020, and its financial position at 31 December 2020.



Corporate governance code requires public listed companies in Maldives to comply on laws, regulations, procedures, and policies. It also requires certain level of transparency to the shareholders. To mitigate risk and avoid fraudulent activities, monitoring and control measures must be established in companies.

By reflecting on public listed company in Maldives, discuss about the audit measures company must practice considering both internal and external audit. Additionally, explain the reason why it requires an audit report of independent external auditor?



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