This paper is a 3-4 page essay on any of the writers we’ve read up to this point

This paper is a 3-4 page essay on any of the writers we’ve read up to this point. My advice to you is that you select a writer that you are interested in and then go to the “paper prompt” module above this one. There you will find more instructions and suggestions for the paper.
My advice is that you establish in the introduction an idea that you have [a thesis or controlling idea] followed by what we call the “plan of development”–a sentence that tells the reader exactly what you intend to explore. You might also start the introduction with a story that illustrates the idea or with a good question or a quote from an expert. This three part introduction is very effective: start with a quote, story, or question–follow with a thesis–then a plan of development–3 parts.
The body of the paper should have topic sentences followed by whatever material you found that you consider worth discussing. Remember the 7 sentence paragraph that I taught you–[1] topic sentence [2] quote [3] comment [4] comment [5] quote #2 [6] comment [7] comment. That is always an effective paragraph.
The conclusion paragraph should reiterate the idea and summarize the parts of the paper. You might finish the conclusion with a single sentence–a question, another quote, or simply a look back at the idea.
For those of you who need more work with grammar, focus on the design of the paper–the topic sentences, the seven sentence paragraph. I am there to help with grammar and will give you the option to revise if need be.
For this first paper I am asking that you write an analysis of any of the essays we’ve read to this point. A good understanding of the four expository modes of writing will help you in the formation of your paper. The paper should be designed as a comparison/contrast, process, division and analysis [also known as division and classification] or cause and effect paper. Consider either analyzing one essay [division/analysis, cause and effect, process] or two essays [comparison/contrast]. MLA FORMAT.
Possible topics, choose one:
1. Martin Luther King’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” establishes the four steps to non violence. Discuss these steps one at a time using outside readings to support. 2. Discuss MLK’s Letter as a point/counterpoint argument. What are the points he contends with? Is he convincing? Why?
3. Martin Luther King’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” is an argument in three major parts. He challenges his opponents with regard to the problem of time, the breaking of laws, and extremism. Discuss.
4. Martin Luther King attacks the white moderates and the church moderates. Why does he do this and where does he do this?

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This paper is a 3-4 page essay on any of the writers we’ve read up to this point
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