This is a theoretical paper it should be 6 pages long and the 7th page should have MLA citation



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This is a theoretical paper it should be 6 pages long and the 7th page should have MLA citation
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Fall 2021

Conflict Concept Note

Pakistan and India Conflict

The conflict that I chose is the one that has occurred between two countries, Pakistan, and India since 1947. The conflict is also the called the Kashmir conflict because it started upon the territory of Kashmir. This conflict started after Pakistan and India were separated. Both of the countries claim that they own Kashmir, since then they are fighting for the region. I chose this conflict because I am from Pakistan and ever since I have grown up, I am hearing and seeing news about this conflict, but I don’t really know the details of the conflict. I decided to go for it because through this assignment I will have a chance to know the details of the conflict, and actually understand which side is wrong and which is right.

Does Kashmir belong to India or Pakistan? Or it should be a separate country with its own government and army? Kashmir is a region that is located in between the north side of Pakistan and India. For years Kashmir is facing violence because of Pakistan and India. Pakistan believes that all the Muslim territories belongs to them, and majority of Muslim population lives in Kashmir. Three major wars have happened between the two countries in between 1947-1965. These wars also involved to powerful countries Soviet Union and United States. Although both countries agreed for ceasefire in 2003, but that didn’t cause peace in Kashmir or both the countries. And the issue will take place until there is any final solution for this conflict.

I think writing discussion board will help me a lot with these assignments because most of them requires us to write about things related to conflict and I also leaning new thing which is conflict mapping. That really helps with brief details about conflicts.

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