This is a reflection and writing exercise

1 Course Syllabus BADM 7190: Managing Sources of Competitive Advantage (Online MBA Program – 20 21, 2nd Fall : October 1 8 – December 5) Instructor: Luke H. Cashen , Ph.D. Instructor Contact Info: • luke cashen@ lsu. edu • (337) 349 -6224 – cell (call and/or text as often as you need) Course Description: Contemporary approaches to developing and sustaining a competitive advantage in global competition; topics include: understanding strategy; competition for competence and the pursuit of a competitive advantage , internal and external environmental assessment, business -level strategy, corporate -level strategy, and elements of successful strategy execution. Required Text: Assigned articles , cases and readings . These items will be posted to Moodle. There is no textbook to purchase. Course Objective s: Overall, this course is designed to facilitate the student’s development of a total enterprise perspective by developing the student’s general perspective on m anagement and on the role of the general manager/strategist in a variety of domestic and global situations. The course investigates business policy formulation and implementation . Specifically, the course objectives are to: • Develop one’s ability to integr ate and apply knowledge and concepts from the functional business disciplines in order to establish strategic direction for organizations. • Develop one’s appreciation for the number of variables and situational factors that strategic managers must cope with simultaneously. • Enhance the student’s ability to analyze macro -environmental, industry, and organizational forces acting on business organizations. • Enhance the student’s appreciation for value creation . • Foster an understanding of key issues facing organiz ations and their impact on the strategic management process. • Enhance analytical and research skills in a variety of decision -making settings. 2 Course Content & Format : The content of the course includes the readings, three exam sets , and video lectures . Please refer to the schedule at the end of this syllabus for an outline of the course. Although the schedule offers a broad overview of the class, the student is responsible for keeping abreast of any changes made to the course. Course Requir ements: 1. Reading Assignments . Students are required to read the assigned materials . Not reading the assigned readings will place you at a disadvantage in the class and not allow you to make significant contributions to your education . Required readings for a week will be announced the week prior. All readings will be posted to Moodle and the cut off for your instructor posting the required readings will be the Friday of the week before at 4:00 pm . 2. Exam Sets . The exam sets will be short answer /essay questions. The exam sets will cover material presented in t he lectures an d assigned readings. It is important to note that not all of the materials covered in the lectures are found in the readings . The exam sets will not be proctored . Exam set #1 covers topics 1 and 2. Exam set # 2 covers topics 3 and 4. Exam set #3 covers topics 5 and 6 . Each exam set contain s 3-4 questions. The exam sets will be spread out over the 7-week class period. Your exam responses for each set are submitted to me via email . The due dates are set in order to keep you on track and spread out t he workload. Exam responses are to be submitted in Word form at and single -spaced . Exams are individual effort. PLEASE NOTE : I am not at all looking for you to go on the internet and copy/paste responses for your exam submission. I want your thoughts and your ideas. There is much misinformation on the internet as it pertains to strategy. In the past I have students Google the co ncepts discussed in my questions and blindly use this information as their own – do not do this. This is intellectual dishonesty. Students have gone to websites like Chegg (some of these you have to pay) or pulled responses from strategy documents submitte d by MBA students from all around the world. Again, this is intellectual dishonesty. Do not do it. I know what is published on Chegg and other websites as it relates to my questions. I will spot it immediately and issue a zero for the work. There will be n o opportunity to redo the submission. 3. Delivery of the Material . A total of six strategy to pics are covered in this class. The material will be delivered via video lectures. These lectures will be supplemented, at times, with readings. It is a privilege to be your instructor and, as such, the material should come from me versus you learning from a textbook or lecture/teaching videos supplied by an outside source. Grading: The evaluation criteria used to determine your course grade are noted b elow. The standard +/ – grading scale will be used. Exam Set #1 33.333% Exam Set #2 33.333% Exam Set #3 33.333% Total 100% 3 Scholastic Dishonesty: Students are expected to be above reproach in all scholastic activities. Students who engage in scholastic dishonesty are subject to disciplinary penalties, including the possibility of failure in the course and dismissal from the university. Since scholastic dishonesty harms the individual, all students, and the integrity of the university, policies on scholastic dishonesty will be enforced. Americans with Disabilities Act: If you have a documented disability that requires assistance, you will need to register with the Office of Disability Services for coordination of your academic accommodations . Schedule: DATE S TOPIC S WEEK 1 (OCT . 18 – 24) TOPIC 1: What is Strategy? • Strategic management & the strategic management process • Pursuing a competitive advantage • Competitive advantage and performance • Doing things differently – Procter & Gamble and Southwest Airlines WEEK 2 (OCT. 2 5 – 31 ) TOPIC 2: The External Env ironment • General environment analysis • Industry analysis • Uncovering opportunities and threats • Industry critical success factors WEEK 3 (NOV. 1 – 7) TOPIC 3: The Internal Environment • Resources, capabilities & core c ompetencies • Uncovering strengths and weaknesses • Business diagnostic tools NOV. 7 (10:00pm CST ): Deadline for Exam Set #1 (Topics 1 & 2) . Submit via email in Word format . 4 WEEK 4 (NOV. 8 – 14) TOPIC 4: Business -Level Strategy • The value of the customer • Value creation through cost suppression and/or revenue generation; cost leadership v. differentiation WEEK 5 (NOV. 1 5 – 21 ) TOPIC 5: Corporate -Level Strategy • Achieving growth to ensure long -term survival • Concentration strategies • Integration strategies • Diversification strategies NOV. 21 (10:00pm CST ): Deadline for Exam Set #2 (Topics 3 & 4) . Submit via email in Word format . WEEK 6 (NOV. 2 2 – 28) TOPIC 6: Implementing Strategy • Management and culture • Structure and controls • Communication • Company -wide integration WEEK 7 (NOV. 29 – DEC. 5) DEC. 5 (10:00pm CST ): Deadline for Exam Set #3 (Topics 5 & 6) . Submit via email in Word format .

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This is a reflection and writing exercise
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