This grade will be cumulative over the semester based on your effort to evaluate and present your experience with the book and the class

The readings of Unit one touch on several complex issues, including sex and gender as a human rights issue, the historical rise of feminism as a concept, the analysis of feminism as empowerment and role in popular media, intersectionality and colonial feminism, and finally the formulation of identities and postmodern intersectional feminism, especially related to criminology.  I feel that this leave us at awe at the complexity of the society we live in, especially when it comes to gender relations.  Explain in your own words what it means to put women in the center, as subjects of social study.  How does the notion that women have already achieved equality intersect with concerns of feminism, consumption and personal style? Give two-three examples from the readings and try to relate those to your community.

What is feminism? Compare two kinds of feminism (liberal, radical, lesbian, ecofeminist, socialist, Marxist, multiracial, postmodern, third wave) to each other. Explain how the strategies for change are different for the type (ie. liberal as opposed to radical) of feminism you chose. What is the feminist backlash? Is feminism relevant to your life?

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This grade will be cumulative over the semester based on your effort to evaluate and present your experience with the book and the class
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Gender identity exists on a spectrum, as does orientation” (Roberta Seelinger Trites: text).

How do ideologies and institutions reproduce and maintain heteronormative sexuality, orientation and gender as a binary inequality? What contemporary norms are associated with the socially constructed traits of “masculinity” and “femininity”? Give examples of the traits and the various institutions (i.e. the Media, the labor market, the political structure) that maintain binary norms. How are dominant notions of masculinity and femininity in the U.S. racialized? How does this intersection help maintain both sexism and racism?

Give examples of compulsory heterosexuality and discuss obstacles for gays and lesbians in contemporary U.S. society. Do states that have laws granting domestic partnerships or civil unions or marriage for gay and lesbian couples promote a better environment among citizens?  

How are families both places of comfort, security, and nurture and at the same time places of domination, conflict, and violence? Discuss examples of power in the family. Draw examples from the concept of the purposeful mother, the ethics of caring, women’s participation in the labor market and Chicana artist.

Title of the book

Title: Women’s and Gender Studies: Intersectional Voices

ISBN: 978-1-7935-2392-1

Authors: Joanna Hadjicostandi-Anang

Publisher: Cognella Academic Publishing

Publication Date: June 2021

Edition: Preliminary

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