This assignment does not require research.

After reading Logic in Argumentative Writing (Links to an external site.) and Developing Strong Thesis Statements (Links to an external site.), write a letter about a problem on your campus, in your community, or at work to a person who is in a position to correct the problem.

Provide convincing evidence that a problem exists, and in suggesting a solution to the problem, keep in mind the needs and values of your audience as well as those of others on the campus, in the community, or the workplace.

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This assignment does not require research.
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This assignment does not require research.

Your submission must:

  • Follow APA format: 12 point, Times New Roman font, double-spaced, one inch margins.
  • Include a title page, and page numbers.
  • The Letter must include an inside address with the name of the person or organization to whom you are targeting.
  • A greeting and a closing.
  • Your essay must be at least 2 full  pages.


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