Theory and Principles of CoachingModel Coach Mini-Paper

ESS 3340 Theory and Principles of CoachingModel Coach Mini-Paper InstructionsPurpose:Students will demonstrate their ability to connect class concepts with ideas and strategies endorsed by a current orformer successful coach. The paper is an opportunity to develop and demonstrate critical thinking and writing skills.Instructions:1. Choose a coach autobiography and read it. The book should be written by a coach or about a coach thatoutlines his or her leadership/coaching style and strategies for interacting with athletes. For example, CoachK’s book is titled, “Leading with the Heart: Coach K’s Successful Strategies for Basketball, Business andLife”. (tip: read 15-30 pages a day every day to get into a routine)2. As you read, make note of quotations that stand out to you and key points that are important and link withclass. You will come back to these when you write your paper.3. Write your paper! Use the following headings:Key idea #1 and connection to class conceptsKey idea #2 and connection to class concepts[Choose a strategy or important piece of advice from your coaching book. Explain that idea in detail with anexample from your coaching book. Then, connect that idea to something we’ve discussed in class. For example,“Coach K used a cooperative coaching style (Martens, Ch. 3), meaning he valued his players’ input andthoughts. Cooperative coaching styles are recommended because they are best for players’ confidence andmotivation.”]Additional Expectations:a) Your paper should be 2 pages in length (not including the reference page), double-spaced, and typed with12-pt. Times New Roman font and 1” margins on all sides, and page numbers in the upper right corner.You do NOT need a title page.b) List your references (i.e., coaching book, textbook or class notes) in APA format on a separate page.c) Your “audience” for the paper is a fellow student who has not taken this class. Thus, be very clear andspecific with your explanations. 

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Theory and Principles of CoachingModel Coach Mini-Paper
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