Theories of Juvenile Delinquency

You have been learning about Sarah’s life from her birth through age 13, or adolescence, at this point. Based on what you know about Sarah’s situation, you will write a short paper using the theory selected in your Discussion Board to explain the current behaviors that place her at risk for future delinquent behaviors.In this assignment, complete the following:Identify 2–3 specific life events that are important in Sarah’s life right now.Describe 2–3 behaviors that you consider a precursor to delinquency at this point in Sarah’s life.Describe the theory that you believe best explains the difficulty that Sarah is experiencing in her life.Identify 2–3 interventions that may be used at this point and how they can influence Sarah’s future toward delinquency. What if there are no interventions at this point? Explain your answer.

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Theories of Juvenile Delinquency
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