Theology/Ethics Final Essay from an Evangelical Christian perspective

Writer must write from an Evangelical Christian point of view — a born-again Christian. No references are needed except the BIBLE. Writer must read bible scriptures and reference those in the writing as stated below. THIS IS IMPERATIVE… must quote scriptures with a connection to view point and explanation of questions in essay. 1st Essay Question (3 pages) Summarize at least three reasons that a deep concern for justice was central to the ministry of Jesus. Cite Scripture to back each of your reasons. 2nd Essay Question (3 pages) Citing Scripture, explain the importance of covenant faithfulness in marriage. Then explain why both premarital sexual activity and divorce lead us away from covenant faithfulness. Text book is Kingdom Ethics – following Jesus in Contemporary Context, Second Edition by David P. Gushee and Glen H. Stassen. Can reference book and authors if needed. PLEASE REFER TO BOOK FOR HELP. IF YOU NEED THESE CHAPTERS UPLOADED, I WILL TRY MY BEST TO ASSSIT. Biblical scriptures are imperative — King James Version, New English Version, Living Translations can all be used and are acceptable versions (a mix of Old Testament and New Testament is preferred).

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Theology/Ethics Final Essay from an Evangelical Christian perspective
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