Theater Experience Paper

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An actor’s method or process of acting is based on his particular training and theatre experiences. There are several “schools” of acting in America. By “schools,” I do not literally mean a building; rather, I mean an acting methodology. In this module, you will examine well-respected acting teachers: Uta Hagen, Holland Taylor, and Sanford Meisner. I have provided links to YouTube where you can find sessions of their acting classes. 

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Theater Experience Paper
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View at least two sessions for each of these three teachers.  Then, for each of them, list or identify two or more of their “words of wisdom” concerning acting.  These do not need to be word-for-word; just summarize the ideas you hear and see in these class sessions. Then connect each of these acting teachers to information provided in the textbook chapters. 

If any of the links are damaged, then do a search for any video in which these three acting teachers are lecturing or guiding an acting class. No other acting teachers or acting workshops can be substituted for this assignment. This link should help you find any replacement video for this assignment:

Because this AP only requires the listing of “words of wisdom,” the scoring rubric will be slightly different: 


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