The1918 Flu Epidemic

Thoroughly read research about the1918 Flu Epidemic•Develop your research notes•Identify how there search could provide a response to a pandemic.•Plan the essay. Material sources will be uploaded to the “Additional Materials” section. They need to sited as well from EBSCOhost. Report academic research on the flu of 1918•Identify specific lessons that we could learn for today. •Argue that one solution is the best and provide research to support.•Use at least 4 academic sources with at least5 specific references•The absolute minimum length of the essay is 7 full pages.•Use MLA 8th edition formatting and citations.•Be sure to proofread your work carefully. Grammar and spelling er-rors distract the reader and detract from your credibility. Prompt Question:What can the Spanish Flu teach us about Pandemics?

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The1918 Flu Epidemic
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