The Volkswagen Emissions Scandal

Case 17: The Volkswagen Emissions Scandal

Case Analysis Presentation PPT & Report .

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The Volkswagen Emissions Scandal
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You will have to prepare for the term paper and presentations. You should analyze the given case (The Volkswagen Emissions Scandal) . The cases will be given on a FCFS basis.

  • Report : More than 3,500 words
  • Presentation: 12~17 slides

The presentation should includes an overview, strategic issues, their importance, and your plan to solve the issues.

General Outline for Presentation

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The Strategic Management Process

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1. Strategic Profile and Case Analysis Purpose

  • To present the critical facts from the case that have affected the focal firm’s historical strategic direction and performance
  • To show how the critical facts lead to a particular focus for your analysis
  • To state important assumptions about case facts on which your analysis are based

2. Situation Analysis (1)

A. General environmental analysis

  • To evaluate trends in the 7 segments
  • To predict the segment to have the most significant influence on your focal firm over the 3-5 years
  • To explain your reasoning for your predictions

B. Industry analysis

  • To evaluate the power of the five forces
  • To determine the attractiveness of an industry

C. Competitor analysis

  • To gather information about competitors
  • To analyze each of the primary competitors

– strategy, strategic intent, mission, capabilities, core competencies, and competitive response file.

D. Internal analysis

  • To assess strengths and weaknesses through a value chain analysis
  • To analyze the functional activities

3. Identification of Environmental Opportunities and Treats and Firm Strengths and Weakness (SWOT Analysis)

  • To analyze strengths and weakness and opportunities and threats
  • To determine how to position the firm

4. Strategy Formulation

  • To develop 3 to 4 alternative strategies
  • To demonstrate the feasibility of each alternative
  • To demonstrate how each alternative takes advantage of the opportunity or avoid against the threat
  • To evaluate the set to choose the best one

5. Strategic Alternative Implementation

  • To evaluate all critical implement issues
  • To consider if the organizational structural change, leadership change, or new control are needed
  • To present the reason to support your choice for implementation
  • To check if your implement actions are really good

6. Process Issues

  • To keep logical consistency
  • To keep thoroughness and clarity
  • To be feasible and practicable


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