The Truth Behind The Scene

When people think about firefighters and police officers they tend to believe that the role they play in the community are the exact same. The part of the matter is that a firefighter is a rescuer who is extensively trained to destroy the most hazardous fires that occur almost everyday. Opposed from a police officer who is merely just warranted law office who enforces the law. Nonetheless, when people think about police officers and firefighter they tend to think that they are both the protectors, the savors, worthy leaders they want the community to strive and they are. However, has anyone ever took the time to think about who risks their lives more on a day to day basis. The fact of the matter is no matter how you look at the situation a firefighter risks their lives more than a police officer due to the fact that they have to attack the most hazardous fires, they have to rescue people under the most dangerous situations, and they even have the skills, knowledge and abilities to operate an ambulances in addition to being firefighter. Everyday that the firefighter step out the doors of their houses it is a risk, a fire is nothing to be played with it is an unconventional and uncontrollably precarious that will only increase and increase until the firefighter puts the fire out with the correct equipment. Although firefighters and police officers work closely with emergency response agents the point is clearly shown that’s firefighter risk their lives more than all the others especially police officer.

To begin with, firefighters risk their lives more than police officers due to the fact that they have to attack the most hazardous fires under drastic ruthless conditions. “The fire was still roaring all around us… I remember the excruciating pain in my ankle, burned to the bone. And I remember just praying to God:Just let me die barely”(ABC news). This was a statement taken from abc news by a firefighter named Timothy Stackpole who almost died during a devastating brutal fire while working his job. As you can see he risked his life just to put out the fire so that it wouldn’t spread even more causing destruction to the environment. During a fire the esophagus beings to close it beings to become harder to breathe; imagine having to put out a massive fire while not being able to breathe correctly. With police officers it’s completely understandable that they may put their lives at risk as well but not nearly as much as a firefighter. When a police officer puts his life in risk at least they are put in a situation where they are able to breathe and access the situation better. In the statement above the man almost died he resulted into praying, so he could see his children one last time before he dies in the fire. For someone to have to go through something like this on a regular basis because it’s their job is truly amazing and brave; firefighters are the true heroes. ABC news made sure that Stockpoles story was told due to the fact that he put his life on the line that day and rescued a lot of people that day from the massive fire. In the end, the fire was deposed of and back up came to help Stockpole to put out the rest of the fire which is phenomenal. Throughout, this whole experience you would think are these firefighters scared for their lives are on the line and at risk each and everyday? “Cause personally, I don’t consider my life in danger. I think that the people I work with and with the knowledge I know my life isn’t in danger” (Lisa Wade). The firefighters know that with a team behind them that their lives are not in a colossal amount of danger; they don’t have to fear that they might not make it to the next day because they have a team that the trust to bring them up whether they are stranded in the fire or just bring down. And even though police officer may risk their lives as well, we can see that firefighter risk their lives even more since they have to put out the fires, risk their lives to protect others and much more. They are trained specialists and they know exactly what they have to do to keep the community away from harm by being heroes, risking their lives so that the children can live better.

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Furthermore, firefighter risk their lives more than police officers due to the fact that they have to rescue people under the most dangerous situations. A fire is a combustion in which different and multiple substances combine chemically with the oxygen from the air, heat, light and smoke. A firefighter does not just save people they have to save people under terrible conditions which makes it harder for them to protect not only the victims of the fire but themselves as well. ” With 68 on-duty firefighter death in 2015, the annual total continued below average, with fewer than 70 deaths a year in four of the past five years”. (National Fire Protection Association) This clearly shows that the average of firefighter that actually die each year, the number of firefighters that actually die each year is almost more than the number of police officer. This initially shows that firefighter lives are in risk more than the police officers just by the death rate alone should make people understand that these firefighters are in risk. This is only the fatalities of firefighters in the United States imagine across the world how much higher the rate would average out to be. There is an average of 1,298,000 fires in the United States (U.S. Fire Administration). With a immense number of data such as this, one would be able to know that their are a lot of firefighters out there who have to put out all these different fires; and the number keeps continuing to increase as increasing with every day that passes by. The higher the number of fires comes how much more they have to risk their lives each and everyday. With police officers there are high amounts of crime rates but not nearly as high as the amount of fires in the United States. The difference between a police officer’s job and a firefighter job is the high risk of their lives being lost, and even with this high risk police officer still continue to get a higher salary than the firefighter. Which is crazy due to the fact that the firefighter jobs are most risky then the police officers. But, yet no one takes the time to consider things such as this; the only ones that get the recognition is the police officers. The people officers are all over the news receiving credit for saving lives while the firefighter have to risk z their live to save other people’s lives way more than any police officer would.

In addition to, firefighters risk their lives more than police officers do due to the fact that they even have the knowledge and ability to operate emergency ambulances in addition to being a firefighter. With such skill and such knowledge the firefighter basically does two jobs at the same time instead of one; which initially means they are multi tasking every time they work.Rather than just conquering fires they also have to save others lives and that’s where the EMS knowledge comes into place. “ One major element of reorganization was to place firefighter and paramedics on ambulances and have them transport patients to the hospital” (Tom Arnold). In this documentary written by Tom Arnold he further goes into depth on why the firefighter work closes with the paramedics. With all the risk that the firefighter has to deal with on a day to day bases having them work closely with the paramedics in the ambulance would be the only solution. When they are done saving people from the horrific fires they then bring them back to the paramedics, so they can be checked out and sent to the hospital according to the injury they may sustain. Police officers don’t work side by side with the paramedics and they don’t even need to have the skill to operate an ambulance becuase their job doesn’t require it at all. The fact that the job doesn’t require it means clearly states the main risk compared to a firefighter’s job and a police officer job. If the police officer needed all the backup that a firefighter needed from different departments than that would have been a whole other situation. That would initially mean that they risk that they take are fairly the same but in this case that is not it.

Nonetheless, they don’t and that is a huge factor of the risk levels between the two duties of being a firefighter and a police officer. If people would take the time to consider the risk set between the police officers and firefighter than maybe the recognition of fighters would be greater than what it is today. However, firefighter are recognised for what they do on a daily basis; they save lives and make the world a better place to live in. In a way you could compare these firefighter to doctors becuase doctors save lives as well but don’t risk their lives the way firefighters do. There are many different resources and evidence that emphasis the way firefighter risks are way higher and much more than police officers but no one seems to see it. Police officers get all the recognition on channel seven news for saving lives but, how about the firefighters. Ive yet not seen the fire fighter getting recognition for risking their lives to save another person live; Although it may come with the job people deserve to view the facts and know the truth behind the scenes of what a firefighter does. “Monday was national law enforcement day, the perfect time to recognize two gorham police officer who each saved a life last year”(Lopez). To view that even police officers all the way in gorham are getting recognition but firefighter don’t is one of the most ridiculous things in this world. The firefighter risk their live more and save much more lives; when thinking of the two the most basic choice to choose when it comes down to who risk their lives more is firefighters. But yet they don’t receive any recognition for the lives that they save and for putting their lives on the line. Nonetheless, firefighters don’t complain and they don’t realize how much they truly do put their lives at risk becuase they enjoy the job that they were trained to do; which is an extraordinary quality in these human beings. Firefighter are mostly recognized for the fact they they are trained rescuers with much knowledge to do so. When really considering everything learned the people can see that with firefighters and police are not the jobs with the most risk there are other jobs with more risks than just these two. Firefighters should be recognized for what they do in the community they don’t just do their jobs, they try to do extra so the community could be a better place.

Also, firefighter risk their lives more than police officers due to the fact that they have to deal with wildfires. Wildfires is a colossal amount of destructive fires that spread quickly over wood lands or bushes. The concept of wildfires is the fact that they continue to spread no matter what, the only way to actually spot a wild fire is for the firefighters to put them out. Without the firefighters help then the wildfire will grow even more and destroy the land that it started on. “The U.S military has been a key partner in wildland firefighting for decades,and they greatly appreciate their willingness to provide us with soldiers to serve as firefighters”(Aitor Bidaburu). During some wildfires even the military have to get involved that how dangerous they tend to be. To stoop down to such degrees and have the military join this must mean that the risk that the firefighters take are truly high and hazardous. The military doesn’t get involved for the nothing unless it’s a risky situations. A police officer just has to enforce the law why would they need the military involved for such an absurd easy task like this. When a firefighter deals with a wildfire they are bound to get burned, no matter how much protection the firefighter’s suit may have they all tend to have first degree, and depending on how bad they burned themselves it can result in third degree burns as well. Third degree burns are the worst type of burns to have since those burns can potentially put you in critical condition or even kill you. When you view a firefighter and a police officer you can see that the fire fighter always has some sort of fire burn whether it’s small or large. When they are burned this initially puts their lives in risk depending on which type of burn they have. A police officer doesn’t have to deal with fires and putting their lives at jeopardy the way a firefighter does with these wildfires. Although, fires such as wildfires aren’t as common but the fact that they happen is something that people could wrap their minds about when think which career field has the most risk.

With all these risk factors that these firefighter deal with some of them have developed PTSD. Which Is post traumatic stress disorder; Which is a condition of persistent mental and emotional occurring as a result of injury or severe psychological shock, which is most commonly involving disturbance of sleep and much more. With constantly dealing with dramatic fire and risking their lives they tend to develop disorders such as this one; it makes them being to fear for their lives but yet they still go out and fight to protect other lives.

All in all, when it come down to who risk their lives more between firefighter and police officers the choice would have to be that firefighters lives are more at risk. Firefighter risk their lives more due to the fact that they have to deal with the most hazardous fires, they have to rescue people under the most dangerous situations, they even have the skills, knowledge and abilities to operate an ambulances in addition to being firefighter and they have to deal with absurd destructions such as wildfires. Now that people have reviewed and seen how firefighter risk their lives more than police officers hopefully they can give firefighters more credit for what they do on a regular basis. The job of being a firefighter is by frankly an amazing job that deserves to be acknowledged for the risks that it does bring to these extraordinary humans that have this job. The role of being a firefighter is like being a savor trying to assure that the world is a better place to live in every single day; whether they are tackling the most dangerous fire or even saving a cat out of a tree people can honestly see and be thankful for how these firefighter put it all on the line for the safety of the people. firefighters risk their lives for the lives of strangers on a daily. This is why being a firefighter is such an impeccable job, and these heroes are recognized for such acts of bravery. These amazing people are able to think on their feet, and will put their lives in danger in a heartbeat for anybody.


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