The student will post one thread of at least 500 – 750 words

 For each thread, students must support their assertions with at least 2 scholarly citations and 1 biblical integration in APA format. 

Choose one of the following prompts to answer in your thread.  As part of your thread include how your biblical world view would influence these topics.

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The student will post one thread of at least 500 – 750 words
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  1. Describe and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using the antitakeover measure known as poison pills.  Include industry specific examples.
  2. Describe and discuss the differences between between a corporate charter and the corporations bylaws.  How do corporate charter amendments provide antitakeover measures?
  3. Describe and discuss two antitakeover defenses.  What impact do these defenses have on shareholder wealth?
  4. Describe and discuss tender offer.  Why does this method offer advantages over an open market purchase?
  5. Describe and discuss two preliminary takeover steps.  What is the goal of these steps?


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