The Source of the United States Governments Authority.

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Secondly, every contract must follow existing laws. Procurement of the contract process is separate from authorization and appropriation. Legislation must decide how to regulate contracts, authorizing the contract, and funding the contract. Contracts can impact certain agencies like the United States Postal Service, Department of Defense, and other specific agencies. All of these details must pass through legislation. The President will then approve or veto the funding for the contracts.The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) is the requirements of the Federal Acquisition Regulation System.

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The Source of the United States Governments Authority.
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FAR issues the rules and regulations that govern the acquisition process of the United States Government. The rules of FAR apply to the three phases of acquisition. The need for acquisition planning, contract formation, and contract administration are the three phases. FAR only regulates government agencies or personnel in the acquisition process. The private businesses are only regulated when doing contracts with the government.FAR encompasses contract clauses and solicitation provisions. The solicitation provisions are the plans for companies to vie for a certain contract.

These plans include making the contractors know the law and the limitations of the Government in acquisitions. Every contract must have specific plans of FAR provisions that will apply to the contract.3) Discuss the impact electronic contracting has on government contracting, including the statutes it has enacted to address the issue of electronic contracting. Discuss the legality of electronic signatures. Discuss SmartPay, its use, and effect.The impact of electronic contracting on government contracting has cut down on paperwork and time in the contract process.

It is easier to look up a Government contract online and fill out the application electronically.&nbsp.

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