The Sex and Gender and how Society Views Them.

Complete 7 pages APA formatted article: The Sex and Gender and how Society Views Them. Nowadays sex can also be linked to both function and sexual activity (Wilson 3). Both affect the views of people on sexuality. In the study, the sexuality in focus is the issue being faced by the gay community and how the gays can cope up with the standards of masculinity as they do not adhere to those regulations. The books entitled “The Velvet Rage” and “Manhood in America” are the two works to be compared and contrasted in the succeeding paragraphs regarding the gays and the masculinity standards.

The author of “Velvet Rage” is Alan Downs. Downs spent his childhood in Shreveport, Louisiana with his parents named Don and Eunice who was an engineer and a housewife respectively. Psychology captivated him at Louisiana State University after his first-class and later on, he pursued Ph.D. at the University of Nebraska. Before he became a psychologist, he worked for Hewlett-Packard, while writing several business books. Later on, he realized that psychology is the love of his life, so he pursued to become a psychologist. Currently, he serves as the director of the Eight Northern Indian Pueblo Council Behavioral Health located at Santa Fe, New Mexico (Downs 81). Downs wrote the book “The Velvet Rage” to point out how shame drives the lives of gays, as their existence is unacceptable to the majority of the society. Sometimes they hide their true identity through their muscled bodies. The pain and shame they feel and experience throughout childhood are both brought up until their adulthood, as they think they are inferior to straight men. They dare to avoid the shameful feeling, when they are adults, by being in rage secretly to their bitter memories and extremely working to excel in arts, fashion, and success. Through the vast experience of Downs and psychological researches, gay readers will be able to cope up with their extreme tendencies and understand the ways on how to control their lives.

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The Sex and Gender and how Society Views Them.
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