The School Counselor and the Promotion of Safe Schools through Conflict Resolution and Bullying/Harassment Prevention

33 page research paper on the topic. The paper should consists of relevant and current research. The paper should cover ethics and legal standards, counseling prevention and intervention, diversity and advocacy and assessment methods.Variables; Bullying, Victims of bullying and bullying outcomesFormat of the Seminar Paper There should be four sections of your paper. Use Roman numerals to number each section. I. INTRODUCTIONThe Introduction should consist of information about your variables, ASCA position statement and School Counselor roles in addressing your variables. You can use information from the articles used in your literature review, articles that are not empirical studies that you found while looking for the articles for your literature review, data from agencies and schools and any information that helps the reader understand the issue. II. LITERATURE REVIEWThis is when you review the empirical studies that you found that examines your variables. You do not have to put a heading prior to each review. Let your reviews flow continuously and follow the format provided in Blackboard. III. METHODOLOGYIn this section you should talk about the process. Begin with the population and sample. Do not use the school’s name, instead say something like a public high school in Western Maryland. You can identify the students age, grade, gender and race. You should then explain step by step what you did so that someone can duplicate your project in the future. If you held groups, talk about what took place during each group. You should then talk about the artifact developed by your students with your support. IV. CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATIONSIn this section, sum up the conclusion. Tell whether your project brought awareness to the intended issue. Tell how your students and the school population responded to the project and make recommendations on how to improve the project in the future. Your paper should be a minimum of 35 pages. Also remember, do not speak in the first person, refer to your self as the researcher of facilitator. Make sure you are not making factual statements without citing where you got the fact. Do not make a lot of assumptions and by all means do not give your opinion. This is a Seminar, research based paper, not a position paper. Do not use running heads. The section heading should be centered.Please, please follow the format I provided for your literature review. Example. Jones (2015) conducted a study on … The purpose of the study was to….. Population included…..Sample included…… Instrument included…..Results showed……..Write every review the same way.

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The School Counselor and the Promotion of Safe Schools through Conflict Resolution and Bullying/Harassment Prevention
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