The Rock Public Relations Group (RPRG), LLC

Scenario #1: You are a recent graduate of Wilson College and a new member of the Communications team at RPRG. After an initial 2-week training and indoctrination program, you join your new team. After 3 weeks in your new job, you notice that team meetings are not well organized and there is no follow-up to the meetings to ensure the tasks are being accomplished. Notwithstanding-the-fact that you are the new guy and you don’t have much creditability; you decide to send your supervisor an email and request a time on her schedule for you to talk to her. You know this is going to be a “difficult conversation”; but you think you have a plan to improve the way team meetings are conducted and how the team can improve their performance metrics as a result of the meetings. 1.) Describe the principles you would use to prepare for and conduct the “Difficult conversation” with your supervisor; and 2.) Describe to your supervisor your plan detailing at least 3 specific processes you would recommend for use to improve team meetings. (8 pts)

Scenario #2: You have been with RPRG for over one year and you have watched several members of the team, who joined the company at the same time as you receive promotions to new positions and other departments. Quite honestly, your performance has been equal to; and in many cases, exceeded the performance of the teammates who received promotions. In fact, your work has been recognized by the CEO of RPRG on numerous occasions. You are wondering why you haven’t been considered for a promotion, so you decide to discuss it with your supervisor as soon as possible. Key to this discussion is selecting the appropriate “Communication’s channels” to initiate the discussion. What would be the best communication channel for the discussion under each of the following situations? Defend each answer with a discussion of richness, control, and constraints.(8 pts)

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The Rock Public Relations Group (RPRG), LLC
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  • Your supervisor is in her office with the door open
  • Your supervisor is in her office with the door closed and she is not taking any calls
  • You are nervous and uncomfortable about approaching your supervisor on this issue
  • You are a red MVS and your supervisor is a hub MVS


Scenario #3: Your Communication’s team supervisor at RPRG called you into her office and told you that she is concerned about a situation with a new client and wants your advice. The new client’s company is a Fortune 1000 company and the company is “Publically-traded”. The company is experiencing a number of issues in regard to its international business operations. The client stated that it needs RPRG’s advice on “a framework to build and maintain cross-cultural work relationships”. Additionally, the client is dealing with numerous complaints over the last several months of “incivility in the workplace”. The client is concerned that if it does not remedy the situation quickly and professionally that the situation could and will become a “public relations nightmare!” Your supervisor is aware that you had a Business Communications class at Wilson College and wants your best advice on the following: (12 pts)

  • Compose an internal email messageto your supervisor outlining and describing 4 key areasto address in building and maintaining cross-cultural work relationships
  • Construct an internal routine email messagefor the CEO to send to all employees that identifies 4-5 talking points on the importance of “civility in the workplace.”

Scenario 4: Your Communication’s team supervisor just informed you at the end of the workday that the CEO of RPRG wants to meet with you and the supervisor first thing in the morning around 7:30AM. You arrive at the meeting at 7:25AM and your supervisor is already in the CEO’s office. You knock on the door and the CEO calls you in the office. The CEO tells you and your supervisor that he attended a 1-day business conference in Arlington, VA yesterday focusing on “emotional intelligence or EI” as they called it. The CEO tells you that he was extremely intrigued by the topic but he left his notes at the conference and needs your assistance. Tomorrow morning, I am meeting with the RPRG executive leadership team and I want to discuss the EI topic. I need the Communications team to give me some key talking points. You have until 6:30PM tonight to give me an initial DRAFT of the talking points. (8 pts)

  • Identify and describefor the CEO, the key domains of “emotional intelligence (EI)”.


Scenario 5: Your Communication’s team supervisor wants you to prepare a professional development class for the team to be given this week at the weekly scheduled team get-to-together in the RPRG conference room. The topic is on “The Processes for Creating Effective Business Messages” to improve business communications within RPRG. The supervisor tells you that she is expecting great things from this class since you had a business communications class at Wilson College. (14 pts)

  • Prepare a 5-slide PP presentation that identifies and explains the key Processes for “creating effective business messages”that you will discuss in your upcoming professional development class.


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