The Religion of the Mayans and the Spanish

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Roman Catholicism is a monotheistic religion, believing that there is only one God. This God is an omniscient almighty being, capable of creating matter and energy. He is also beneficent, only disposed to what is good.However, the Mayan religion perceives and believes in an unspoiled measure of non-fluctuating good in the world. It is characterized by worshipping the numerous gods of nature itself. Thus, they were polytheistic. Worshipping these gods was an imperative part of their everyday life.

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The Religion of the Mayans and the Spanish
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Some of the major gods they worshipped were the gods of the sun, the rain, and maize, or corn. According to their belief, without these gods to provide them crops to eat, they will all perish and die.The Spanish along with other Europeans based some of their teachings on the Bible, the holy text of the Roman Catholic Church. The Mayans, like the Spanish, had written records and texts. The rules written in these texts were to be maintained strictly, as it is also maintained in Catholicism. Because the Mayans were a highly advanced and complex civilization, their texts were inscribed using a hieroglyphic language.

A large number of these texts were written in the codex. a block divided into leaves, hence a book. However the Mayans, unlike the Spanish, did not consider these texts to be sacred or holy. For them, these were merely a written record of ritual practices, rules, history, etc.Perhaps their most important and popular text of all is the Popol Vuh. Its most well-defined and pronounced features included its myth of creation, its deluge myth implication, its epics of the Hero Twins, and its lineages.

However, throughout the Spanish conquest, Mayan art, music, and literature were viciously damaged and the majority of the Mayan written records were burned down. The stories contained in the Popol Vuh had to be carried on orally. It was later written again.Catholicism and the Mayan religion also had their system of hierarchy, an organization in which people or groups are ranked one above the other according to status or authority. The Mayan people were classified into social classes. The first level was composed of the nobility.

The second was the priesthood.

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