The psychological impact of music in film

The 2 films selected for this paper are The sound of music and The Wizzard of OZ. I need a outline and a bibliography of sources in a week and then I need a 3-4 paged 800-1000 word essay by May 1 st. The essay must include 2 documented sources for each film discussed in the essay . for this assignment had to select 2 films with different composers and discuss the use of music in 2 scenes from each film. starting by describing the scene and considering the following; How does music enhance the scene? Does the music elaborate or detract from the scene? What was the intent of the music used for the scene? How does the music in the scene make you feel? What emotions did you feel while watching the scene? Were you frightened, struck by terror,or sad? Did your emotions change during the scene?Would othe r viewers share your reaction or react differently? It is required to use the musical elements presented in this course to discuss the most unique musical features of each scene: melody, harmony, rhythm, timbre, and texture. Other important questions to consider are composer, what was he trying to achieve? How does the music make you feel? How does the music highlight or intensify the action? Do you agree with the composers choice of musical elements and instrumentation? How was timbre used in creating the kind of atmosphere? How did the music serve to highlight the drama? analyze the elements. Is music used as a form of mis-direct? Sound is another important aspect of cinematography.


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