The Power of Effective Research

RESEARCH VS. #FAKENEWSAssignment Overview

The Power of Effective Research

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The Power of Effective Research
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This case is a hands-on exercise to master research in Trident’s Online Library and on the Internet. You will also learn how to create a research paper using APA format, citation, and referencing.

Module 3: Case Readings

Intercultural Communication

How to Understand Intercultural Communication

Think, Then Write: Writing Preparation

Research and Investigation: Getting Started

Ethics, Plagiarism, and Reliable Sources

Paraphrase and Summary versus Plagiarism

Case Assignment

TOPIC: Diversity and Intercultural Communication in the Workplace

The assignment requires research and attribution and cannot be based on opinion or personal experience. The body of the paper will be 1 page.

GOAL: Provide an overview of “Diversity and Intercultural Communication in the Workplace.”

RESEARCH REQUIREMENTS: You must use four types of resources below:

  • Use this book in Trident’s Library: Get Along, Get It Done, Get Ahead: Interpersonal Communication in the Diverse Workplace (from Ebook Central – Academic Complete)
  • A scholarly journal article from Business Source Complete (EBSCO) (see module resources to identify this type of source) (published between 2020-2021)
  • A periodical article from Proquest Central (published between 2020-2021)
  • Resource found through an internet search

The reason this is a one-page paper is to ensure that you spend time and energy learning to research different types of sources, have a finished product that reflects your voice, and is properly formatted using APA. No quotations are permitted in this submission. This paper is written in third-person (It will not contain words like I, we or you).

ANALYSIS: In the Appendix of the paper, you will provide feedback on the resources you used.

  • The Book: Explain how you found the book in Trident’s library. Assess the ease of use of the ebook.
  • Business Source Complete (EBSCO): How did you know that the article was scholarly? What attributes told you this?
  • Proquest Central: How was this type of article different than the scholarly one? Explain the process you used with regard to search terms.
  • Internet Source: How did you determine that the web resource was appropriate for a college-level paper? Was the author or source legitimate? Explain.

Assignment Expectations

Use the attached template (BUS303 Case 3) to create your submission.

Your submission will include:

  • Completed Template
  • BODY OF PAPER: 1 page
  • TOTAL LENGTH: 4 pages (Cover page, BODY: 1 page, 1-page Reference List, 1-page Appendix)

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