The Positivist Schools of Criminology and Feminist Criminology.

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Feminist criminology rejects criminological explanations for offending on the basis that these theories have been informed by masculine perspectives and do not take account of women who commit crimes. Feminist criminologists, therefore, focus attention on gender roles as a means of attempting to understand criminal behavior. Feminist criminologists look to empirical evidence of the treatment of males and females in the criminal justice system and the patriarchal institutions emphasizing gender distinction and male dominance (Daly and Chesney-Lind, 498).

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The Positivist Schools of Criminology and Feminist Criminology.
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Feminists criminologists are especially at odds with the omission of women in the positivist school of criminology and where they are considered, the misrepresentation of female criminality. In conducting a comparative analysis of feminist criminology and the positivist school of criminology, this paper is divided into two main parts. The first part of this paper provides an overview of feminist criminology and the positivist school of criminology. The second part of this paper compares and contrasts the positivist school of criminology and feminist criminology.

Positivism is prefaced by the concept that all truths are observable and measurable, otherwise, purported facts are nothing more than conjecture. In this regard, any social process is a result of ‘the measurable interaction between relationships and events’ (Siegel, 141). Human conduct is thus influenced by a number of factors including social factors including income and status, politics, history, and conditions which might include drought or way. However, other factors are individualistic such as psychological and/or biological factors.

Anyone or more of each of these factors influences human behavior. In this regard, human beings are not born ‘good’ or ‘bad’, they are shaped by individual and external factors after birth (Siegel, 141).Italian criminologist Cesare&nbsp.Lombroso often referred to as the father of modern criminology had a slightly different view.&nbsp. Influenced by Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, Lombroso was of the view that while all criminals were not born bad, many were.

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