The Portrayal of Older Characters in Disney Animated Films

FORMATTING REQUIREMENTSMust be at least 2 pages in length (do not exceed 3 pages)Double-spaced1-inch margins12-point Times New Roman fontProper American Psychological Association (APA) style must be used to cite the article. Please note that you are writing a Journal Article Review, not a research paper. So the formatting of this review will be different from an APA Research Paper.READ THE ARTICLEFor the Journal Article Review assignment, all students will be reviewing the same article. Mass media has a huge influence on people, society, and our behaviors. We will look at the role of mass media as a major social institution in society in the upcoming Chapter 6 of our textbook. As a media outlet and global company, Disney movies are viewed by millions of children and adults. This article takes a look into selective Disney animated films, but more specifically the portrayal of older characters. This research is interested in understanding why younger children may associate the elderly with negative stereotypes and if Disney films might contribute to this negative viewpoint. Click on the article title to read the article in PDF format. The Portrayal of Older Characters in Disney Animated FilmsWRITE A JOURNAL ARTICLE REVIEW Use Microsoft WORD to create a new document. Make sure that your margins are all set at 1 inch, font style is New Times Roman size 12, and paragraphs are set to double space.Type your name at the top of the paper, left-justified. Type the proper APA citation for the journal article at the top of the review. The citation should follow the APA Style Guidelines. You will need to know the title of the article, the journal where the article is published, the volume and issue number, publication date, author’s name and page numbers for the article in order to use proper APA citation style. Please note that the citation of your article will be single-spaced. All content within your review will be double-spaced.The first few paragraphs of your review should be a summary of the article. Refer to Chapter 2 in your textbook to review how sociological research is conducted and the key elements to look for in a research article.Make sure to focus on the details of the research. Introduce the main issue of concern for the research. Identify the variables included in the research. Identify the research method used, the sample size of the population studied, the demographics of the population, and the major findings. Highlight the major findings by including data to help quantify these results.Next, you are allowed to provide your own personal ideas and opinions on the article. Keep this to one to two paragraphs. Your understanding of the article and the major findings should be rephrased in this section. Any short-comings, limitations, or ways to improve this study can be added in this area. Be aware that this is not a positional paper in which you are being asked to agree or disagree with the research and/or findings. You are simply discussing the research and sharing your understanding and ideas on the subject. Finally, conclude your review of the article by explaining what we should take away from this research. Explain any social implications of these findings and how this research impacts our behaviors in society. Remember, you are providing a summary of the article. You should not be using additional resources, books, or other sources of information in your review. You only need to cite information that is directly quoted word-for-word from the article and make sure to put that information that is word-for-word from the article in “quotations”. Summarizing and paraphrasing information from the article does NOT require an in-text citation in this type of paper. Use proper APA formatting for direct in-text citation. SUBMITTING YOUR JOURNAL ARTICLE The Journal Article Review assignment is worth a total of 40 points. It is very important that you take your time to create a quality review. Use proper grammar, complete sentences, and paragraphs

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The Portrayal of Older Characters in Disney Animated Films
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