The Major Changes to Journalism

Need help with my writing homework on The Major Changes to Journalism. Write a 2750 word paper answering; Prior to analyzing the evolutionary phases of journalism in the past 40 years, and its contribution towards democracy. it is critical to understand the scope and nature of the discipline of journalism. Journalism incorporates the gathering and processing of news while including the dissemination of news and information. Furthermore, journalism may also be understood in context to reporting, editing, writing, photography and even broadcasting of news as part of the business of an organization. Another perspective deals with the academic aspects whereby journalism stands for the coursework which prepared the students for intriguing careers in news writing and broadcasting, even editing. Similarly, considering the opinion formation function of journalism, it may also be understood as a thought-provoking and research-oriented composition which is reflected via newspapers, print media and more recently even social media. However, the feedback mechanisms must also not be truncated from the scope of journalism since it also impacts the content and manipulation of journalistic devices being used. Furthermore, journalism is quite a generic term while just like any other discipline. it is further sub-branched into various genres. For instance, political journalism has evolved after the second world war, where reporters and journalists spent a great deal of time and effort on political reporting. Similarly, the entertainment industry has also evolved over time which has paved way for light journalism commenting on Hollywood-associated new stories. Also, with instances like the Watergate scandal, investigative journalism has also been embraced as an intriguing branch of journalism. Therefore, with specialization in niches and advanced degrees in journalistic devices and genres, the scope of journalism has been expanded widely to cover almost all aspects of human life and society. Also, with the trend towards democratization of society, the need to free media and vigorous journalism was imperative which explains how the evolution in democracy, as well as journalism, has gone hand in hand.

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The Major Changes to Journalism
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