The Human Resource Management

part 1

The Human Resource Management process really begins with deciding what the job entails. The main purpose of chapter four is to show you how to analyze a job and write job descriptions. Then in chapter five, we will review the methods managers use to recruit for the employees they need. Chapter six is very important as it discusses employee testing and selection. Some of the other main topics we will cover are talent management, job analysis, methods for collecting job analysis data, and how to write job specifications. Submit your responses to the following questions before posting to the discussion.

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The Human Resource Management
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1. What are the steps for conducting a job analysis?

2.Describe several ways to collect information on a job’s duties and be sure to provide the pros and cons to each method.

3. Who should write a job description and how should the manager and employee resolve any differences?

4. Explain the key points to remember when conducting background investigations.

5. Who can use the polygraph?

Part 2

After reading chapters 5 & 6, read chapter 5’s application case, Techtonic Group answer the following questions using the information in both chapters:

1.Specifically what recruiting sources would you use to attract participants to the Techtonic Academy, and apprenticeship programs?

2.What suggestions would you make to Techtonic for improving its recruiting processes?

3.What screening test(s) would you suggest and why?

4.What, if any, questions should be added to the application? Specifically how should the firm check candidates’ backgrounds, and what questions should they ask previous employers and references?

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