The group report is on “Reverse logistics”.

Hello this is group report and I just want you to write my part which should be maximum of 4 pages excluding references and also power point slide of my part for presentation with notes which I have to speak.

The group report is on “Reverse logistics”.

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The group report is on “Reverse logistics”.
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We as a group of 4 members divided our work in 4 parts and my part is highlighted in yellow.

– what is reverse logistics (not my part you don’t need to do this)

– advantages of implementing reverse logistics (my part you will do just this part)

– successful companies who utilize reverse logistics (not my part you don’t need to do this)

– E-commerce & reverse logistics (not my part you don’t need to do this)

So I want you do these of the following things for me in this report and please also provide references :

  • advantages of implementing reverse logistics (At least 3 to 4 pages)
  • My part in one-page executive summary (At least 4 to 5 lines)
  • Mt part in end summary and conclusion
  • Power point slide of my part with notes which I have to speak in the presentation for 3 to 4 minutes ( minimum 2 pages of ppt)

Please remember I want two files report file and presentation file.

These are the instructions from the professor for the complete report you just need to do my part following all the instructions.

Course Project Guideline


Group Presentation should last not more than 15 minutes, plus about 5 minutes for Q&A. Marks will be deducted if the presentation is too short or running seriously overtime (+ or – 5 minutes). It is encouraged that all group members participate in the presentation.

Report Length and Grading

Term paper length is not important. What is important is the quality of materials you collected and analyzed, and having something meaningful to say after your analysis. 10-15 pages including a one-page executive summary is the standard. Reports are graded on quality of contents and style (how logically the discussion is organized). Late term papers will lose 5 marks (out of 20) per day!


Papers must be typed; 1.5 line spacing and 12 point font size are preferred. All papers must begin with a one-page executive summary, and end with summary and conclusion. You must include the list of references. For citation and references must follow normal style of academic journal article.

Plagiarism is a crime.

I will not tolerate plagiarized paper. If a plagiarized paper is found, not only the student gets zero mark on his/her paper, I’ll also report the case to the Undergraduate Program Office for further investigation.


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