The following workbook will ask you a range of questions.

Birmingham United Football Club New Park Road Stadium

(to be completed by each team)

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The following workbook will ask you a range of questions.
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Project Workbook

Sponsor:Peter Dillon, Project Director, Birmingham United FC

The following workbook will ask you a range of questions. Please read these questions carefully as a guide. If a question starts with …

  • “Explain” – Give a detailed account (no more than 200 words).
  • “Define” – Provide a statement (no more than a single sentence or a single paragraph up to 50 words).
  • “Evaluate” – Give a reason so as to justify a course of action. Any justification includes critical analysis of alternatives (no more than 500 words).
  • “List” – With the help of bullet points, provide brief statements. Often these statements require prioritizing (no more than 10-15 words per bullet point).
  • “Map” – Draw your answer.

Word counts shown above should be followed unless indicated otherwise

Q 13 – The contract will be signed by Entwistle, Morello and Boyd. Explain each of the signatories’ views on the contract terms.

Q 14 – Evaluate your chosen liquidated damages strategy

Q 15 – Evaluate your chosen contract type (Conventional, Partnering).

Q 16 – Evaluate your chosen pricing options (Fixed Price, 50/50, Pain Gain Share).

Q 17 – Define your overall chosen contract strategy.

Q 18 – Explain how your choice of contract will impact your relationship with your subcontractors.

Q 19 – Evaluate how you want to address the problem that more scope options will increase the risk of failure.

Q 20 – For a scope option of your choice, Explain your decision.

Q 21 – Evaluate your resourcing strategy (e.g. choice of subcontractors).

Section 6 Risk and Opportunities 

Q 22 – Evaluate your chosen risk management strategy.

Q 23 – This project involves unexpected events (events you do not know about or can do something in advance of their occurrence). Evaluate how you prepared for those uncertainties.

Q 24 – Explain your decisions on three risks of your choice.

Reference No. (for each risk)Description of the riskMitigation Options:AvoidReduceAcceptRationale for the decision made

Q 25 – Map logical relationships between all project variables.

Below is a guide – be creative in how you present this

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