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The word excellence is an all-encompassing word that generally gives an assumption of perfection in everything an organization does. In reality, however, excellence has a dimension as limited as the companies themselves. It means that the organization strives to find the best available practice rather than following market leaders or competitors. This finding the best practices and implementing them will result from an exhaustive self-assessment and investigation by the organization itself.

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The European Foundation
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&nbsp.&nbsp.The level of excellence that an organization has achieved is generally measured by the results the organization has delivered and is very greatly dependent upon the performance management systems used. Organizational excellence is an overall way in which organizations work from balancing stakeholders’ interests to the management of profits and prioritizing one’s needs without losing control with such operational efficiency that doesn’t lead to doubts about its performance and utilization of resources.

&nbsp.The achievement of such excellence has since always been a dilemma with multiple theories based on it. But in a nutshell, it should be understood that the means of achieving excellence were always and will always be an item of great interest and research and though unanimity will never be achieved, the best way is to strive hard to question how to achieve it and then implement those solutions with utmost efficiency. What should be remembered however is that in the race of excellence there is no finish line.

&nbsp.The business excellence model largely determines how organizations all over the world handle their operations and how decision-making takes place. Different parts of the world have different excellence models which are dependent upon the organizational structure in those regions as well as the preferences of customers and the mindset of the employees. Customer focus and logical decision-making, form the core of all models.

&nbsp.One of the earliest excellence models is the Deming Excellence model which is based on 14principles of excellence. It is dependent upon variation and the extreme value of knowledge.

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