the correlation between consciousness and perceptual memory

I need some assistance with these assignment. the correlation between consciousness and perceptual memory Thank you in advance for the help! George Sperling is acknowledged for the discovery of iconic memory. He carried out a classical experiment to determine the memory span. In doing so, he carried out seven experiments. The first three were several immediate memory, exposure duration, and partial report experiments. The rest were decay of available information, exposure parameters, letters and numbers, and order of report.

In Sperling’s procedure, he used five subjects who went through twelve sessions. In his procedure, Sperling used a tachistoscope. The subjects were shown an array of letters arranged in matrix form. Each subject was shown the letters in a short span of 5-500ms. Thereafter, each reported how many letters they could recall. From the results, Sperling noted that the subjects recalled 4.5 items on average. This was irrespective of stimulus duration or display size. This was known as the immediate memory span.

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the correlation between consciousness and perceptual memory
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In the partial report experiment, Sperling cued the subjects at random. He used an auditory signal in this experiment. A high tone indicated that the subjects were to report letters in the top row. The medium tone indicated a report of the middle row and the low tone indicated a report of the bottom row. pon asking them to recall the subsets, the results were different. Each subject could remember 75-90% of the items. This meant that much more information was available to the subject after the stimulus display. 75% contrasted with 33% from the full report experiment.

Sperling went on to alter the duration between stimulus offset and cue presentation. As the interval increased, there was a decline in the superiority of partial reports. He noted equality in the two experiments at a one-second cue interval. Sperling also noted a change in strategy by the subjects with increasing cue interval. With longer cue delays, subjects anticipated where the cue would show up. Consequently, there was better remembrance of certain stimuli and poorer recollection of other stimuli.

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