The company that needs to be Financial Analyzed is Telekom Malaysia


The theme is financial analysis – where you will be researching and analysing financial information to establish whether the company is well managed, promised some good potential, performed well and hence worth investing in. This is what you will have to recommend to your clients.

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The company that needs to be Financial Analyzed is Telekom Malaysia
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The Process of Completion

1. Choose a public listed company – listed in any stock exchange that has 10 years listing history.

2. Download the Annual report of the company for the last 10 years.

3. Read thoroughly the latest annual report to learn thoroughly about the 

company – from reading the chairman, statement, directors, statement, company structure, shareholdings, subsidiaries, list of properties and financial performance – Profitability, viability, financial position and Liquidity position.

4. Extract the 10 years financial statement into a spreadsheet:

– Income statement

– Statement of Financial position

– Cashflow statement

5Perform financial analysis to determine its trend on:

– Liquidity

– Gearing / leverage

– Efficiency

– Profitability

– Viability

– Risk

– Altman z-score

– Du-pont de-composition ratio

– Shares performance

– Share price trend

– Earning per share (EPS)

– Price Earning Ratio (PER)

The output

Write a report to potential investors about:

1The background of the company

2. The development of the company

3. Market development

4. Technology and expertise

5. General prospect

6. Financial position and trend

7. Liquidity

8. Capital structure and gearing

9. Efficiency and operational performance

10. Products profitability

11. Operational viability

12. Risk and prospects

13. Share price movement and trend

14. Potential gains in investment 

15. The report should project a graphical trend and projection of the financial situation


1. You need to submit both the spreadsheet version as well as the Formal report in word version.

2. You should highlight all the financial projections.

3. You should make a final recommendation to your investors based on the financial analysis.

Sample project paper is in the announcement


Introduction – introduce the background of the chosen topic, how data and information is gathered, what the whole report will explain (not more than 200 words).

Content – Main content (segregate into proper sub-contents and paragraphs, elaboration and analysis between 3000 – 5000 words excluding tables and diagrams, if any).

Conclusion – summarize and reinstate important findings from the content (not more than 200 words).

Referencing is a MUST. Students are advised to incorporate proper academic modes of referencing. Please refer to the American Psychological Association (APA) referencing format for all the academic works submitted for assessment. Marks shall be in overall allocated based on students’ efforts, content, ideas, analysis, originality, professionalism.

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