Religions Chart Assignments (4 over the course of the semester- 25 points each)


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Complete the Religion chart Assignment. Utilizing the provided template and using primarily the textbook and scholarly sources, provide concise (250-300 word) summaries of each assigned religion for that unit. Each religion should be summarized separately. Each unit’s Religions Chart is worth 25 points. 

All sources must be properly cited, including the text.  ALWAYS cite your sources.  Discovered plagiarism may result in loss of credit for submitted work.

All unit Religions Chart work must be submitted by Sunday 11:59 PM of the unit in which it is assigned. No late work will be accepted for credit.

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Religion Name250 -300 word count for each[Insert Religion #1][Insert Religion #2]
Origins:  Founder, Key Figures, Historical/cultural Development, Cosmogony (creation stories), Myths HOW THE RELIGION STARTED …* Write a summary of two select Religions!    
BasicBeliefs:  God, Afterlife, Humanity, Evil, scripture/sacred writings, authority, other unique beliefs or points of view. WHAT THE RELIGION BELIEVES …* Summarize each   
Practices:  Annual Festivals, Regular Meetings, Rites of Passage, Ethical Codes, Expectations of Individual Piety WHAT THE RELIGION DOES* Summarize each   
SacredSpaces:  Geographical Locations, Special Places, Typical worship location, sacred worship objects. Hint: see pictures in the chapter. WHERE THEY WORSHIP  …* Summarize each

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