The assignment is about Cost volume profit analysis and Capital bugeting.

UCW – Spring Term

ACCT Managerial Accounting 621.

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The assignment is about Cost volume profit analysis and Capital bugeting.
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Assessment Rubrics


1Didnot meet expectations2Met expectations3Exceeded expectations
Writing Conventions (grammar, word use, punctuation, mechanics)Frequent grammatical errors and misspellings inhibit readability, Informal language, abbreviations andslang are usedFew grammatical errors and misspellings (e.g. three or fewer per page) Correct verb tense used Paragraphs flow from one to another Active voice pervasiveFree of grammatical errors and misspellingsEffective verb tense used Uses phrases and construction that delight aswell as inform the readerPrimarily active voice
OverallEffectivenessofPiece (professional appearance, expressionand format)Not formatted toSpecifications, Lacking professional appearanceFormatting is generally correct, acceptableprofessional appearance.Assigned format followed explicitly: Exceptionalprofessional appearance

CriticalThinking andWrittenAnalysesRubric–ScaleDescription/Guideline

Criteria1Did NotMeetExpectations2MetExpectations3Exceeded Expectations
ClarityWriting is not clear. It is difficult to understand pointsbeing made. The writing lackstransitions, and few examples and/or illustrations are provided to support explanation or recommendations.Writing is generally well organized and understood.Transitions are used to facilitateclarity. Some examples and/illustrations are used to support explanation or recommendations.Writing is succinct, precise, effectively organized andwithout ambiguity.Transitions, explanation and elaboration are extensive to elucidate points. Detailed illustrationsand/or examples are used to support explanation orrecommendations.
RelevanceCritical issues/questions are omitted or ignored in thewriting.Most of the critical issues/questions are addressed in the writing.All critical issues/questions are addressed completely in the writing
Depth ofDiscussionIgnores bias; Omits argumentsMisrepresents issues; Excludes data; Includes but does not detect inconsistencies of information; Ideas containunnecessary gaps, repetitionor extraneous details; Sees no arguments and overlooks differencesDetects bias; Recognizesarguments; Categorizes content; Paraphrases data;Sufficient detail to support conclusions and/orrecommendationsAnalysis includes insightfulquestions; Refutes bias; Discusses issues thoroughly; Critiques content; Values Information ; Examines inconsistances; Offers extensive detail to support conclusions and recommendations; Suggests solutions or implementation
Breadth ofDiscussionOmits arguments or perspectives; Misses majorcontent areas/concepts;Presents few optionsCovers the breadth of the topic without being superfluousConsiders multiple perspectives;Thoroughly delves into theissues/questions; Thoroughly discusses facts relevant to the issues
Integration of allElements ofReasoningFails to draw conclusions orconclusions rely on author’sauthority rather than strength of presentation; Draws faulty conclusions; Shows intellectual dishonestyFormulates clear conclusions with adequate supportAssimilates and critically reviews information, usesreasonable judgment, and provides balanced, welljustified conclusions
InternalConsistencyThere is little integration across the sections of thepaper. Several inconsistencies or contradictions exist. Few of the issues, recommendation and explanations make senseand are well integrated.Sections of the paper are generally well linked/connected.Only minor contradictions exist. Most of the issues,recommendations and explanations make sense and are well integrated.All sections of the paper are linked. There are no contradictions in the writing. All issues,recommendations and explanations make sense and are well integrated

Values: Level 1: 10%, Level 2: 50% and Level 3: 100%


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