The age group is 2-3 years. The unit of study is buildings however this does not need to be incorporated into the LEP.

CHS 298, 298V Unit 5 L earning Experience Plan – Sample Description of the Items Fill -In this Column 1. Title of the Learning Experience Plan (LEP): A simple descriptive name to identify the lesson. The Box 2. Age: The age range for this assignment needs to be toddler, preschool, or Kindergarten. Preschool 3. Objective: The objective is the aim or outcome of the experience. You must from 1 -3 objectives. To increase active engagement and pretend play. 4. Materials: List the needed materials. This provides a framework for thinking about the plan from start to finish. A large cardboard box free of staples. Miscellaneous materials (e.g., newspapers, tape, crayons, markers, paper, pencils, blankets, scarves) . A decorated shoebox and small item like a finger puppet to hid inside it. 5. Pr ompt: Every lesson should have an introduction that captures children’s attention I will put the box in a place where the children see it. Description of the Items Fill -In this Column and causes them to engage, learn, explore, and play. 6. Play Experience: This is the main part of the LEP. It describe s the learning activity that the children will be doing. As the children begin to explore the box, I will observe what they are doing. Encouragement should not be necessary, but if children are not using the box, I will ask them what they can do with the b ox. I’ll be prepared to supply props and i nteract as /if needed to maintain the play. 7. Individualizing: Ideas to support children who are challenged by the activity or who need additional challenges. Identify a specific learning need and tell how you would adapt the activity for that child. For example, a gifted child with advanced skills, a child with ADHD, a child with autism, a child with a specific physical limitation. I will p rovide paper, pencils, markers, or crayons that the children can use to decorate the box. A s the play continues, I will add masking tape and additional boxes of all sizes. If children are hesitant, I will engage in co – play by asking them to pretend that the box is something else like a house or a car. 8. Wrap -Up: This is a brief closure activity that would signal the end of the LEP. For example, a finger play, song, dance, poem etc. I will p repare ahead by hiding an object in a shoebox. When it is time to end the activity, I will gather the children and build quiet suspense by showing them the decorated shoe box and reciting the little rhyme below. “I have a little shoe box : It’s as fancy as can be. I wonder if it is full of socks. Let’s peek and see.” As I lift the lid of the shoeb ox , I will reveal the item . Description of the Items Fill -In this Column 9. Clean -Up: Plan for how the children can help with the clean -up. I will h ave the children help put away the items used for the activity. I will ask W here do the newspapers go? Where does the tape go? the Crayons? Markers? Pape r? Pencils? Blankets? Scarves? 10. Assessment: The assessment enables you to know if the children are gaining skills and knowledge from the experiences that they are providing. The skills you are assessing must align with your objective(s) for the lesson. I will make a list with each child’s name with a column for noting active engagement and a column for imaginative play . I will put the list on a clipboard and observe the children at play. 11. Related Children’s Book: This section is for you to provi de the name and the author of a children’s book related to the theme or the objective of the LEP . Sitting in my Box by Dee Lillegard is a story about a little boy sitting in a cardboard carton reading a book about animals. I will read the book later during story time and make the book available in the reading corner. Sitting in My Box by Dee Lillegard 12. Vocabulary: Choose 3 -5 words to introduce and use repeatedly during the lesson so children can hear the words used in context. big bigger biggest hide wonder 13. Home, School, Community Connection: This section would encourage and help families extend the learning outside the classroom. I will send a message to families telling them about the Box Play activity and suggesting that they extend the learning in the following ways: • Together, search for three different size boxes. Description of the Items Fill -In this Column Worksheets and coloring sheets should not be used.

Activities should not cause expense to the families. • Order the boxes by size – big, b igger, biggest • Use the vocabulary small, medium, large. • Toss a beanbag or small ball into a box Hide an item under a box and have the child guess under which box the item is hidden. 14. Learning Centers: This section briefly describes three (3) learning centers that relate to the topic of your LEP. One of the learning centers must include technology. The other two can be in water play, blocks, reading corner, dramatic play, art center, manipulative toy ce nter, music and movement, outdoor play, writing center. Provide a description and list the materials needed. Book Corner : I will have the two books related to children playing with boxes available to read in the quiet book corner . The books will be 1) Sitting in My Box by Dee Lillegard is a story about a little boy sitting in a cardboard carton reading a book about animals. 2) My Book Box by Will Hillenbrand is a playful story about fun and silly things you could do with a box. Manipulatives : I will provide several small boxes , little vehicles , small rubber balls, and other manipulatives to stimulate imaginative play. Art Center: I will provide a few big boxes for students to paint with sponges and several paint colors . I will put newspaper on the floor and have children wear smocks . 15. Modification for Special Needs: This section notes how you would support a student who has a spe cial need (s). For this assignment, choose , any special need, including offering advanced work for a gifted child. The accommodation might be a After the closure part of the LEP, I will encourage the student with low vision to handle the item hidden in the shoebox so they can use their other senses to help experience the object. Description of the Items Fill -In this Column modification such as low vision or hearing, ADHD, autism, etc. 16. Next Time: If you implemented the LEP, note what worked well and what you might do differently. If you planned the LEP but did not implement it, note an alternative(s) for some part of the LEP. My Book Box by Will Hillenbrand is a playful story about fun and silly things you could do with a box. Book: My Book Box by Will Hillenbrand 17. SAFETY ALERT: Note any necessary safety precautions if applicable. Check that there are no staples or sharp edges or materials in or on the box. Some of the Learning Experience Plan content is adapted from “The Box”, Creative Literacy in Action: Birth through Age Nine. Towel, J.L. Powell, K.C., & Brown, S.L. Cengage (2018).

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The age group is 2-3 years. The unit of study is buildings however this does not need to be incorporated into the LEP.
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