term paper on Social Psychology in the Real World

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Social Psychology in the Real World. Your paper should be a minimum of 2750 words in length.

Most academics have commented that social psychology’s very survival and usefulness are subject to its practical applications and relevancy to the population targeted for study. In fact, most of the history of this field has been taken as one of academic self-interest, which has come at the expense of tackling existing and real needs. Therefore, with so many pressing issues in the real world, academics can hardly afford to engage in academic debate sans tackling real issues. Social psychology is increasingly being evaluated on the basis of its practical usefulness, which has added to frustration about its lack of apparent contribution to issues in the real world, especially given its ability to offer a lot more to society.

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term paper on Social Psychology in the Real World
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The very nature of social psychology is the study of social processes and individuals, meaning it can increase knowledge about real-world problems and issues immensely (Tuffin, 2013). Particularly, the emphasis on human development in philosophical circles gives social psychology the unique opportunity to impact real-world problems.The real world can be defined as the practical world in which we live, rather than the academic or intellectual world. It is the realm of actual or practical experience, instead of an idealized, theoretical, or abstract sphere of the lecture hall, classroom, or academic discussions (Baron & Branscombe, 2012).

It is within this world that social psychology must make a meaningful impact in order for it to improve the realm of human development. Social psychology can be defined, on its part as the scientific study regarding how the behaviors, feelings, and thoughts of people are impacted by the implied, imagined, or actual presence of other people. Using this definition, the term scientific is referent to investigations through the use of empirical means. Behaviors, feelings, or thoughts, on the other hand, are inclusive of those variables of psychology that can be measured in man.

In&nbsp.addition, the implication of the presence of other people being implied or imagined is suggestive of the fact that humans are open to social influences in the absence of other people.

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