term paper on Disney and Racism

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Disney and Racism. Your paper should be a minimum of 1250 words in length.

It is important to note that the author of “After 75 Years of Magic: Disney Answers Its Critics, Rewrites African American History, and Cashes In on Its Racist Past”&nbsp.mainly talks about three critical elements. One of these elements as evidenced in the article is the aspect or element of Disney addressing the issue of criticism about the past films using the movie. It is critical to note that Disney addresses this situation in one of the most professional ways. The approach given by Disney towards the critics is quite explicit and very straight forward.

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term paper on Disney and Racism
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In this respect, it is of crucial significance to highlight that Disney has massively invested in his wise decisions in employing the Black Women without any form of prejudice, discrimination as well as malice towards the black race (Breaux, 403, Par. 3). This move is highly geared towards addressing the prevalent and threatening issue of racism across the globe. As such, it is critical to note that the inclusion of the Black women in the movie has been associated with the increased performance of such movies towards the competitive front in the world markets.

The second element addresses by Disney in the article is touching on the issue of representations of the African American Women in the artistic works, more so in American cartoons. This is one of the most important aspects of the movie. The inclusion of the Black American or African American women in the film is quite suggestive of the cognitive ability of Disney with regards to the issue of racism Breaux, 406, Par. 3. This marries well with the third element addressed by Disney in the article “After 75 Years of Magic: Disney Answers Its Critics, Rewrites African American History, and Cashes In on Its Racist Past”.

In the third element, Disney addresses the issue of racism in its broad depth. The animation of black women shows that Disney is cognizant that money does not discriminate. As such, it is not within their&nbsp.powers to discriminate too in the line of racism. In this regard, we can see the integration of Tiana in the movie. Tiana is depicted as a black woman in the movie, thereby professionally representing the equity of race in the movies.

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