tent fracture: a fracture mechanics approach

I need some assistance with these assignment. stent fracture: a fracture mechanics approach Thank you in advance for the help! While the use of stents has proved to be highly beneficial for the purpose of medical treatment. on the other hand, there are threats and concerns associated with the incidences of fractures in the structures, particularly after being implanted into the body of the human. This can not only make the structure ineffective for treatment but also impact human health.

While considering research on stent fracture, it would be necessary to first understand what a stent is. A stent represents a small mesh tube generally used in patients having weak coronary arteries. Arteries mean the blood vessels that transport blood to and from the heart to other parts of the human body. Angioplasty represents the process that involves placing the stent in the artery [1]. When a stent is introduced within the body, it is in general called stenting. The two most common materials used for the construction of stents are metal and plastic mesh-like material. Grafts of stents are made of fabric. These are generally used when there are blocks in the arteries or when the arteries become narrow [2] [3].

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tent fracture: a fracture mechanics approach
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The above figure presents the process of implantation of stents in the coronary artery. The use of stents has increased owing to the increasing rate of heart diseases, hence requiring the need for angioplasty [5] [6] [7]. A balloon catheter is used by the stent being implanted in the heart. The stent is thin, made of metal, and introduced into the narrowed artery. With inflation of the balloon, the stent gets expanded and gets permanently fixed in the artery [8]. Stents including within the human body do not create any problem for the patient, unless and until the stent fractures, which is although not very common to happen [9], but there are still records of such incidences, based on which the present research has been concerned. Stents have proved to be highly beneficial to control the severity of heart problems [10].

However, a major cause of concern is the fracture in stents that can result in disastrous effects on the human body. Such incidences are uncommon and generally occur from some form of complications in the process of implantation [11] [12].

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