The program was aired in one of the local TV stations. The presenters were one middle aged male, his wife and a lady who was at least fifteen years older than the couple. The topic they were discussing was about the responsibilities that should be carried by married people so that to keep their marriage alive.

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Part 1:

The audience targeted by the program are the newly married couples especially between 28-40 years. There are no specific boundaries of race, age or location. That is because it explains general responsibilities of the newly married people who can share any of the above boundary. However, I could tell the age of the targeted audience because of the kind of content being described in the conversation. They emphasized more on what activities each one should be involved into after they received their new born. This puts them in the productive age of between 28 to 40 years of age.

Part 2:

There was a relationship between the content in the program and the advertisements that accompanied it. A good example is frequent advertisement of luxurious restaurants that the couple can visit so that to enjoy themselves. Another advertisement that was frequently repeated involved sales of baby diapers and other products that can be used by newly born children. All this products seemed to target a particular group of people. Especially those with new born kids.

The two women in the program defer in terms of age and also experience when it comes to issues pertaining married people. I could tell this because they were both listening and asking questions to the older lady. The two women seemed to be economically stable judging from their dressing and level of confidence. However, the older lady was more knowledgeable when it comes to different aspects about life.

When it comes to cultural beauty, the older lady seemed to be in more attractive ornaments. However, they were both attractive when viewed in different dimensions. The younger one was in an official dressing and no much make up. The older one’s dressing was not so official. She was in a long flowery decorated dressing which covered her completely only leaving her feet. This shows two people in completely different dressing styles who represent different types of beauty.

Both women have stable jobs as one is a news anchor and the other one is a marriage counsellor. On the amount of time spent to play the part of different roles, both seems devoted to their families and also their jobs. The older lady explains how she tries to strike a balance between how much times she spends handling her clients and also how much time she spends with her family. There is a difference in the roles played by both genders. The younger lady explains that she takes care of almost all activities once they arrive home. This shows the difference in their roles at home despite of the fact that they have spent equal working time.

Part 3

The young couple and the lady seems to have an average level of education. Both the husband and the wife work in the TV station which is an indication that they have attained employable skills from the education. The older lady is a professional counsellor which also indicates that she is educated. They carry major roles in their presentations. To some extent, explanation of their roles as wives shows some level of stereotyping held by the society. The women will participate in working and also ensuring that the families are taken care of.

Part 4

The younger lady represents a team of new mothers who require different products so that to take care of their new born children. The couple in general also represents a groups of couples who can have fun doing different activities together. The commercials advertise the products that mothers need so that to take care of their babies and also vacation places that families can go so that to have fun together.

Similar kind of commercial advertising is often common in other programs where-by the items being advertised depend on the targeted audience. To a large extent, the one male in the program was not so active. The issue on males doing the looking and females being looked at was not so clear in this context. However, the young lady’s looks clearly indicates that feminism is still used to influence representation in media.

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