Technical Writing course

Read the link to a NASA document and analyze how this document contributed to the work of NASA. You will write a 4-5 page double-spaced analysis on the role of this document in NASA’s work.

You should include a clear thesis describing the argument of your essay. As you build your argument, reference specifics from the document to make your case. If you have any secondary descriptions of the document, you can incorporate those as well. You will also want to consider the purpose and audience of the document to determine how it helped NASA’s work.

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Technical Writing course
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Consider these tips to write an effective essay:

Write a clear thesis that really captures the specific topic of your paper. You may want to refine your thesis after writing the paper to ensure you accurately captured your argument.

Write a specific introduction that really sets up your thesis (as opposed to starting really broadly, like “Since the beginning of time, humans have wanted to go to space.”)

Make sure each paragraph has one clear topic and idea.

Transition effectively (Links to an external site.) between paragraphs.

Remember that in most citation formats, a period does not come at the end of the quote but at the end of the parenthetical citation. For instance, you would write “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” (Armstrong).

Make sure to conclude your paper by pulling together all your analysis and arguing how your document contributed to the work of NASA.

Link to document for analysis:

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