Teaching Processes, TWS Standards, & Indicators

Reneka M. Goodman

EDU 507: Dimensions of Learning

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Teaching Processes, TWS Standards, & Indicators
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Mississippi Valley State University

Professor: Dr. Gwendolyn C. Johnson, Ph.D.

Second Grade: ELATable of Contents

Contextual Factors 3

Classroom, district, and school factors……………………………………………………3

Classroom factors .4

Student characteristics………………………………………………………………..……4

Instructional Implications 5Teacher Process One: Contextual Factors

TWS Standard: The teacher uses information about the learning-teaching context and student individual differences to set learning goals and plan instruction and assessment.Community, district, and school factors

Threadgill Elementary School is one of the many elementary schools under the school district Greenwood Leflore Consolidated School District. The location of the school is in an area within minutes of neighboring communities. The address for Threadgill Elementary is 1001 Broad Street, Greenwood, MS 38930. The student population of this elementary school includes five hundred and two students, and the grade levels range from second grade to sixth grade. The teacher status at Threadgill Elementary is all teachers are certified, with second grade teachers are assigned to teacher’s assistants or co-teachers. The student teacher ratio is 17 to 1.

According to the American Psychological Association, socioeconomic status affects overall human functioning, including our physical and mental health. Low socioeconomic status and its correlates, such as lower educational achievement, poverty and poor health, ultimately affect our society. Threadgill Elementary is affected by low socioeconomic status. The status of the schools brings minimal to basic test scores with very low proficient and advanced ratings. The school mission, vision, focus, and moto are extremely important to the increase in student achievement.

The mission of Threadgill Elementary is to promote learning for all by providing culture focused on educational excellence that will create lifelong learners. The vision success for all, and the motto is student growth. Our school has a cultural atmosphere that is inviting to all students of different races, backgrounds, and challenges.

Threadgill Elementary has a unique structural design that its appearance presents as an old, historical look.Classroom factors

At this moment, my class is learning virtually. However, my classroom consists of a large room inside of Threadgill Elementary School building. The classroom has very large windows that students can look outside at the parking lot and other scenery. The room is very bright with high ceilings. The look of the room is very outdated due to the school being a historic building. Technology is located throughout the classroom, several computers, a large Mondopad, student laptops, a clock, and an electric pencil sharpener. There are many bookshelves that display a classroom library, multiple student tables, two teachers’ desk, a large whiteboard to implement student work, and daily agendas.

The walls surrounding the classroom displays a word wall, data chart, and a focus wall. There are many classroom routines, consequences, and the creed for the school displayed on the walls as well. These items help with classroom management and behavior.Student characteristics

The grade level that I am currently responsible for is second grade the age range that is usually attached with the grade level is around seven to eight years old. Oftentimes students may be older than they should be due to failure of a prior grade. My class has a race of African

American students that have different academic levels from basic to advanced. The students speak English. They appear to have different cultural backgrounds. There is a range of females and males within the class. The curriculum programs that we currently use are I-Ready and Scholastics. These programs are aligned to the school district assessments and the Mississippi

Department of Education assessments where we follow the College and Career Readiness Standards. Advanced is the highest level a student can reach when performing on formative and summative assessments.Instructional implications

According to my educational philosophy of teaching I am a firm believer that education should focus on the “whole” child rather than simply focus on core curriculum beliefs. Learning should be experimental, systematic, and transmitted to students in a disciplined manner. Understanding student’s behavior and learning styles help me to understand how to teach my students, in larger and smaller groups, and individually. This is one of the major factors that I focus on a teacher to better understand how to differentiate instruction.

I will make sure all lessons are aligned according to the curriculum. My teaching will teach them how to think critically and rigorously. My students have a lot of support from the community such as different parents, administrators, and pen pals that we write to throughout the entire year.References

Explore Threadgill Elementary School in Greenwood, MS. GreatSchools.org. (n.d.). https://www.greatschools.org/mississippi/greenwood/282-Threadgill-Elementary-School/.

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