Teaching Processes, TWS Standards, & Indicators

Teaching is an interactive process that includes preparation, implementation, evaluation, and plan adjustment. Teachers are conversant with the concepts of planning and delivering classes. The phases of review and correction are often forgotten. It is straightforward to misunderstand whether a specific teaching style or strategy has been successful without regular classroom assessments or some other means of collecting feedback. Students can be an excellent resource for verifying whether or not a teacher’s class pedagogy is (or isn’t) working by relying on them for feedback. The best way to improve your classroom management skills is to conduct regular self-evaluations and get input from your students and instructor. Students’ strengths, needs, and prior experiences are all taken into consideration when applicants develop a Teacher Work Sample that incorporates a wide range of teaching methods. A teacher’s ability to support learning is demonstrated through this performance assessment by meeting the TWS requirements. The indicators assist the teacher in meeting all the goals and objectives of teaching processes and TWS standards.

TP 1. Contextual Factors

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Teaching Processes, TWS Standards, & Indicators
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Several components work in conjunction to improve students’ accomplishments. They are regarded as contextual factors. Contextual factors are the means of categorizing these outside impacts. They are features of the community, the learners, and the learning institution itself that may influence the learning and teaching process (Renner, 2019). To thrive in their classrooms, educators must participate in contextual planning by predicting their learners requirements based on their contextual info.

Community, district, and school affect students to unfathomable extents. Teachers should familiarize themselves with their learning institution’s surrounding community by learning about its demographics, educational priorities, and socioeconomic statusGreenwood Leflore Consolidation School District will be the site of my student teaching experience. Greenwood Leflore Consolidation School District is located at 401 Howard St, Greenwood, MS 38930. The school has a total of 4,114 students. The total population of the county is 32,317 people. The school’s population has been increasing, and projections show that by 2023, the school will have a student population of around 5,000. Greenwood has an estimated poverty rate of 36% (United States Census Bureau, 2022). When a student is poor, their experience in the classroom is significantly affected. A teacher’s context should be considered when teaching in the school and classroom. The classroom’s physical dimensions, layout, and available equipment are all examples of contextual influences. It implies that schools more likely to be over-populated will lack most of their learning resources. Race or ethnicity is another factor that brings about shortcomings in the learning process. If the majority of the population in a particular geographical area belongs to one ethnic group, others will feel inferior. Therefore, this will affect students learning by lowering their morale as they feel left out. The political climate and community support are other vital elements under this contextual factor. Leaders in Greenwood support the education system and school visions, improving the teaching processes. Ninety-three percent of the students are black, four percent are Hispanic, two percent are white, and there are 13 Asians.

Greenwood High School’s mission is to provide a high-quality learning environment that will unite, educate, and equip all students for college and careers. Classroom factors influence the learning processes in diverse ways. One of the classroom factors is technology. Technological resources are available for teaching in Greenwood High School. Also, parents are involved in children learning in Greenwood High School. Their more involvement in their children’s education affairs in the classroom ensures that students are on top of their game while learning. It also helps them understand the challenges their children face while learning.

Students’ characteristics affect the teaching-learning process enormously. Students’ age, gender, culture, and personal interests all play a role in the context in which they learn. Based on these characteristics, educators should be able to anticipate the requirements of their students. At Greenwood High School, this is done. Students’ particular characteristics may necessitate changes in the length and range of activities teachers plan. When selecting an activity, it is critical to consider the cultural preferences of the students who will be participating. For this reason, an educator with a less competitive lecture would not utilize winning as a motivational tool. However, selecting an activity that takes into account the needs of pupils from varied cultural backgrounds is necessary. At Greenwood High School, teachers take into account cultural backgrounds in teaching. Teachers in less competitive classes would not use winning as an incentive to motivate their students because teamwork is valued more highly than competitiveness in some cultures.

The contextual characteristics of the learners, learning environment, and community significantly influence instructional planning assessment. The community in Greenwood impacts instructional planning by ensuring that the needs of the students are met within and outside the classroom. A student and a teacher are both actively involved in the learning process during a lesson. Teachers need to get students engaged in the learning process to achieve their educational objectives. As a teacher at Greenwood High School, I will effectively adjust the curriculum and teaching methods by determining the instructional implications of the concepts I want to teach. However, certain factors will affect my contextual planning and unit implementation. The two main factors are using the polling method and using diagnostic questioning. It is possible to use polling to get rapid feedback on a specific topic or the current educational session in general. In order to get a better grasp of pupils’ understanding of concepts and ideas, I will utilize diagnostic questions.

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