Systems Thinking on a National Level

Identify a health sector issue at the national level that could be addressed using systems thinking.

Draft a 350-word proposal outlining how systems thinking could be used to address the health sector issue at the national level.

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Systems Thinking on a National Level
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Include the following:

  • Identify the issue.
  • Explain the impact of the issue at the national level.
  • Who does it affect and how?
  • Propose three concepts from the book that might be used to solve the issue.

Cite 3 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references.

Format your citations according to APA guidelines.


Read the presentation “The Three Cs: Connecting the Dots” by Eve Krahe, PhD.

Post on a separate sheet of paper. title page is not needed’ a 100 -150-word response to the following question :

  • How do chaos and complexity differ from one another?

If you like you can answer the question after the references I will copy and paste it on a separate sheet myself.

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