Supporting Innovation Through a Cloud-Based ERP

Assignment Overview

Cloud-based ERP systems are a recent innovation in SCM. This innovation brings together traditional enterprise systems (including ERP, CRM, TMS, and WMS) and the evolving area of cloud computing. For firms with aging enterprise systems, cloud-based ERP offers a way to rapidly advance their capabilities. In this assignment, you will research and evaluate cloud-based ERP systems.

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Supporting Innovation Through a Cloud-Based ERP
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Assignment Instructions

To complete this assignment, identify and read about cloud-based ERP systems. Then, develop a 3–4-page paper in which you will:

  • Identify and briefly describe three or more major competitors in the cloud-based ERP market. What are the key capabilities that these competitors are focused on? What are the key advantages that these software packages offer firms?
  • Review the application for one system of your choosing. What are the relative strengths and weaknesses of this system compared to its competitors? What types of organizations are best served by this system? How will this application support innovation in organizations that adopt it?

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