Supply Chain Operations

The Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model provides a description of supply chain processes, a framework for relationships between these processes, and a set of metrics to measure process performance. The description of the supply chain in the SCOR model is similar to the cycle view of supply chains discussed in this section.

For this assignment, refer to Figure 1-4 in your textbook, the “APICS SCOR Quick Reference Guide” and “What is SCOR? A model for improving supply chain management.” located in the resources provided for this assignment. . Figure 1-4 outlines the subprocesses that can be linked to the source, make, deliver, and return processes in the SCOR model.

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Supply Chain Operations
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In 250-500 words, address the following:

  • Describe key financial measures of firm performance.
  • Identify the major drivers of performance in the supply chain.
  • Explain how the SCOR model guides the levers of performance in the supply chain.


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