Summary of the diagnostic issue

This is the treatment plan report that was created for week 4.

Summary of the diagnostic issue

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Summary of the diagnostic issue
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When a person gets anxious and decides to take alcohol, alcohol gets in the bloodstreams of a person to get addicted in using it. If a person is addicted, it becomes hard for him to stop using it as it is likely to make a person feel anxious, thus making him depressed. In Angels, Angel was a military officer associated with substance dependence and anxiety disorder characteristics. After Angel was deployed for service in Iraq, he became more anxious, a sign of addiction.

If Angel does not take alcohol, he will likely experience anxiety, leading to depression. If a person is depressed, he is likely to be associated with stress, leading to various health issues, including abnormal heart rhythms, heart disease, stroke, and heart attack. This might make Angel associated with other health problems that might be hard to diagnose. (Lynskey, 2002)

 Alcohol is composed of various substances which affect the moods of a person. When a person’s moods are affected, they make it hard for a person to understand various circumstances, thus making him end up quarreling with other people. Angel is seen in an argument with his wife, which makes him shovel her, thus being reported to the police officers.

When a person is drunk, he is likely to encounter various issues that lead to post-traumatic stress disorder. This might result from various activities such as fights Angel fought with his wife. This incident is likely to stress him, thus becoming associated with other diseases such as stroke, which might be hard to diagnose.

Problem list

By Angel associating himself with both cocaine and alcohol, he could face various problems, including anxiety. If Angel did not get the required drug at a given time, he was likely to be associated with cocaine, leading to other health problems. Anxiety is a threat in his career, and if he does not control his substance use in time, he is likely to lose his job.

If a military officer goes to work when he/she is depressed, he is likely to have mental issues that might be hard to recover until he visits the counselor about the incident. Some mental issues might take longer to recover; thus, he might not work according to his job requirements.

When a person takes too much alcohol, the alcohol is likely to burn the digestive system, leading to various digestion problems, liver disease, high blood pressure, and stroke where a person can be in the medical facility before recovering. This reduced the abilities of most alcohol consumers in securing a good-paying job.

When a person consumes alcohol and does not get alcohol to drink, his body is likely to experience anxiety, and he is likely to start shivering due to a weak body. This makes it hard for a person under alcohol to be trusted; thus, he is not likely to carry out the required tasks as required.

SMART goals

It would be essential to diagnose the illness on time if the activities leading to anxiety and depression were identified. If they were identified on time, it would be possible to tell Angel the problems that might be affecting him, thus stopping them on time thus preventing him from being associated with depression and anxiety

The second goal is to ensure that Angel does not consume vast amounts of alcohol, thus reducing the risks he would be associated with in the future. If Angel consumed low amounts, it would be possible for him to stop his addiction towards alcohol, thus preventing him from depression and anxiety in the future due to lack of alcohol.

The third smart goal seeks to focus on achievable activities. A person can control his drug consumption rate. This is where he can start taking small portions each day and stop consuming drugs. If a person cannot control his drug consumption rates, he can be taken to a rehabilitation center where he can be instructed on how to stop using various drugs, which could be essential to him. (Ebbert, 2019)

Realistic as a smart goal allows a person to set realistic tasks on stopping using a particular commodity. It is almost impossible for a drug addict to stop consuming drugs at once since he is likely to be associated with anxiety and depression, which might make a person experience a stroke. Setting realistic goals is essential as it will allow Angel to stop using drugs slowly and eventually quit using the drugs.

Timely decisions are essential as they help a person to be able to make safe decisions on time before there he adopts in using a particular strategy. If timely decisions are made, a person can stop taking the drugs on time, thus preventing drugs from impacting him when he quits taking drugs.


The main objective would ensure that Angel stops using alcohol and the anxiety disorder stops affecting him as it is the primary course that makes Angel use alcohol. If anxiety stops affecting Angel, he will be able to prevent various issues affecting his health.

Possible interventions

Taking alcohol is one of the main issues that is challenging Angel. Angel can rehabilitate himself using smart goals as it is composed of various strategies to ensure that a person can attain a particular goal. If Angel uses these strategies well, it would be possible to stop using alcohol completely. The second goal would be visiting rehabilitation centers. The rehabilitation center would be in a chance of showing his activities to do to stop making use of alcohol, thus preventing the health issues

How I would track and evaluate progress against the plan as a future manager

As a future manager, I would evaluate the progress against the plan by creating a tight schedule on the activities to be carried out within a particular time plan. Allocating the tight schedule would include the activities to be carried out in which duration. If the schedule is tight, I would tell the activities the employees carried out at a particular duration. If the employees did not work as per the schedule, I would tell where they were against the plan, thus taking appropriate action against them.  (Sugandi, 2021)

Evidence-based strategies are an important part of treatment and relapse prevention when working with diverse populations of justice-involved individuals who are affected by addiction. For example, cognitive behavioral therapies have an evidence base supporting their use and can be integrated into treatment approaches for clients who struggle with substance abuse. In addition, Motivational Interviewing and relapse prevention appear to be effective across many drugs of abuse. In this assignment, you will explore the chronic nature of addiction and how evidence-based strategies can be applied to relapse prevention.

Review the Angel Case Study.

 Case Study Details

Angel is a 44-year-old separated man who says that his substance dependence and his anxiety disorder both emerged in his early 20’s after joining the army.  He says that he started to drink to “feel better” at the NCO club on base when his episodes of anxiety made it hard for him to interact with his peers.  He states that his anxiety became extreme after his first deployment to Iraq. He worked as a military police officer and was often exposed to hostile fire as his group supported operations. He also states that alcohol and now cocaine were a part of his dishonorable discharge. 

His wife called police after an argument regarding his drinking. He shoved her and police arrested him and charged him with domestic violence (DV). He was required to attend DV classes as well as substance abuse treatment as part of the plea. He further has community service hours (48) and 2 years of probation.  You are conducting the intake assessment into your treatment agency.

Angel notes that coming off the cocaine and binge drinking contribute to low mood and increased anxiety, but he has not responded well to referrals to adjunct support services, and past inpatient stays have led to only temporary abstinence. He does not have VA connected benefits and his job as a cook offers no insurance coverage.  Yet, Angel is now trying to forge a closer relationship to his adult children, and he says he is especially motivated to get a better handle on both his PTSD and his substance use because he will be a grandfather in January. Angel states he and his wife are currently separated but talk on a daily basis. 

Continue in your role as an intern with the substance abuse program at your correctional facility.

Review the treatment plan you created in Week 4.

You have been asked by the treatment team to assist in preparation of a Relapse Prevention Plan worksheet from Angel’s perspective.

Complete the Relapse Prevention Plan worksheet from Angel’s perspective. The goal is to show a seamless transition from treatment services into long-term recovery and successful completion of supervision from the corrections system. 

Please include 3 evidence-based strategies and 2 references (and the in-text citations) that support how this would be an effective plan.

(Relapse Prevention Plan worksheet)

Relapse planning is a tool to help you to create a plan that will help you prepare and prevent relapse from occurring. These plans should remain fluid and be updated as goals are met and resources or situations change. Please use the Angel Case study and the treatment plan you created in week four to complete this Relapse Plan from Angel’s perspective.

Goal Identification

What would you like to continue to focus on improving? (i.e., losing weight, saving money to buy a car, finding a better job.)

What encourages you?

What outcomes of the changes motivate you? (i.e., fitting into your clothes, working out in the gym, gaining computer skills)

Difficulties you might encounter…

What difficulties might you encounter? These could be triggers that may challenge you. (i.e., going to the old neighborhood, relational break ups, losing a job)

My coping skills

These are skills and tools used to cope and maintain sobriety (i.e., calling my coach/sponsor, regularly going to meetings, mindfulness playing the tape to the end)

Relapse Prevention Action Steps

These action steps are put in place to prevent relapse from happening. (i.e., building sober support system, giving back to the community through service, attending faith-based community activities, exercising, thinking before acting.)

My self-care plan

Identify how you will grow your life by taking care of your mind, body and spirit. (I.e., acquire new skills, chair a meeting, stretch, attend workshops, gain faith-based or spiritual insight)

Sober people who support me

Who are the sober people who support you, are your cheer leaders and want you to succeed? (i.e., parents, spouse, siblings, sponsor/coach, pastor.)

I will stay accountable by these consequences

If I have a lapse or don’t meet my goal, I must keep myself accountable. (i.e., I will fine myself $10.00 a day, I will volunteer for additional service to my community, 1 hour for every day I was short of my goal.)

I am grateful for

Daily expression of the things in life we are grateful for reminds us of how far we have come and who has helped us along the way.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word summary for the treatment team explaining why you believe this relapse prevention plan, prepared from the client’s point of view, would be effective. Include the following in your summary:

  • 3 evidence-based strategies that are evident in your relapse plan. Provide a thorough description of each, explaining why you believe each is relevant in this case.
  • 2 references supporting why each element of the plan is appropriate and would be successful for the client.

Include at least 2 references according to APA guidelines. 

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