submit a 2000 words paper on the topic Highway Design.

Hi, need to submit a 2000 words paper on the topic Highway Design. [a] – Design a suitable horizontal alignment, with transition curves for two compound curves based on the previously proposed layout sketch (Diagram 2), minimizing the length of the new road to be constructed. Use Diagram 1 as a template for the realignment design.

[b] Calculate the required setting-out data so that a center-line for the construction of the road can be marked out by on-site engineers. Note the origin of the setting-out chain ages should be the intersection of the two straights. Show all stages of the calculations, using tables where appropriate.

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submit a 2000 words paper on the topic Highway Design.
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The centerline is obtained from the set data on the measurement of diagram three of the proposed factory construction. The centerline is obtained by finding the average of the maximum and minimum measurements found on the right and left on diagram 3. This is the established useful line for the construction of the new road. The upper and lower ends of the proposed center still maintain the existing road lin

[c] Using the data provided by Diagram 3.Factory Road Levels Survey, design a suitable vertical alignment including cuttings or embankments, 2m wide verges, and slopes to be at 1:2 gradient on all sides. Ensure that horizontal visibility is considered and adjust the verge width where necessary. Write a brief report explaining any assumptions and how the various elements of the design were selected.

The data on the tables is from diagram 3 of the proposed factory upper and lower measurements. The Right-hand side meridian edge is data on the first table is from the upper data measurements as will be when one is facing the proposed factory. When facing the factory the upper part of the road is one’s right-hand side. At the same time, when one is facing the factory the lower part of the road is one’s left-hand side. Thus the lower part is the left-hand side median edge as on the second table.

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