submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Comparison of Al-Tabaris Account with the Biblical Account of Sacrifice.

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Comparison of Al-Tabaris Account with the Biblical Account of Sacrifice. According to Al-Tabari’s poem, Isaac as a sacrifice intended to accomplish a vow Abraham made saying, “Abraham the one who carries out a vow to satisfaction and the bearer of burning firewood (Bakhos 204).” However, in the bible is slightly different and assumes the scenario of a test whereby God demands the only gift that he has given to His servant to turn to be a sacrifice (Clanton 45). In Al-Tabari’s the issue of a son turning to be a sacrifice is quite a rhetorical scenario because it does not state whether Isaac was a sacrificial lamb. It contends Ishmael being God’s son ordered Abraham to sacrifice for he knew what He (Supreme) had commanded, which is contrary to what Christians have all along indoctrinated via the bible to believe. The biblical impression of Gen 22 contends Isaac was unaware of the command God had compelled the father to undertake. Hence, he had to accompany him to the mountain while carrying the other necessities but without the lamb.

Examining the two narrations it is quite clear Abraham was comfortable with that kind of offering to whom he deemed had the power to give and do whatever to him was impossible. When he received a vision of the sacrifice, there is no indication that there was any moment of questioning God why his only son should be a sacrifice. This is evident in the way he proceeded with the sacrificial plan as ordered. Similarly, the scenario of utter obedience is apparent in when Abraham decided to leave Iraq heading to Al-Sham whereby the latter country inquired for a son through his wife (Tottoli 142). In the bible, this section is more of reminding but Abraham puts it in such a way being a desperate situation tied to the argument of who will inherit what he had but God assured him of an heir. Consequently, angelic visitors who were on a mission of exterminating sinners passed by and relayed to him of good happenings regarding his gift of an heir who now in the Bible is Isaac. Abraham said the son would be a sacrifice because God had fulfilled his wish. By that, he made a vow that Isaac to be a sacrifice later on. He explains out that by doing so was contented with Isaac being a sacrifice. The name of the son offered for sacrifice in the biblical account was Isaac. Al-Tabaris does not state the identity of the son meant to be a sacrifice.

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submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Comparison of Al-Tabaris Account with the Biblical Account of Sacrifice.
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